Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what about...

...getting two for the price of one?

You know we love tokidoki and we hope it's your favourite brand, too. If not, here's a little something that will make you fall for it in a sec: the tokidoki for LeSportsac wrist cuff-wallet. It's cute and super-girlish, with a punk vibe!
If we are supposed to be multitasking and all, why shouldn't we ask the same from the things we buy?

it used to be the piggy-bank...

...but that's over now

As you all know by now, this is the digital era we're living in. So you got a computer, but do you know what to do with it? We're not talking about using it the USUAL way, but reinventing it all the time. Remember the keyboard bag created by Joao Sabino? Well, now it's time to get the key money box, the latest invention for your savings!
A great gift for both computer freaks (that will appreciate another digital-like object) and computer haters (that will appreciate the keyboard-destruction theme) as well.

buy at firebox.

dog thong

introducing the Dogone

And speaking of your favourite pets and the problems they create, some wise guys thought of creating a dog thong. For what purpose, you might ask. Well, to keep innocent by-passers away from unpleasant gasses that the animal could let out.
Is science getting crazier day by day or is craziness getting more and more scientific?

via gadgets-weblog.

cats and you - an impossible love?

not anymore!

Thanks to developments in genetics, scientists have been able to develop a hypo-allergenic cat (OMG, it sounds funny!). They've altered the proteins secreted by cats in their fur, salivary glands and skin - as these are the cause of most allergies - and created the sneeze-free cat.
You can buy your own lifestyle pet here.

via cool picking.

so you see?

simple and impactful

A budget under 600 EUR and just a week to do it. And what do you get? A great innovative campaign, a lot of media coverage and a successful mission.
It seemed like an impossible task when SEDA (Seeing Eye Dogs Australia) asked agency Rapp Collins to promote their services. But it was all clear when they came up with the idea of wrapping 300 objects in Melbourne's Bourke St Mall in 1 km of bubble wrap, overstickered with signs saying "We Need More Seeing Eye Dogs". The objects acted as "obstacles" for blind people, attracting attention. For them, the city clutter can feel different.
It also seems it became the biggest donation day in SEDA's history: 720% ROI.
People were touched by the idea and the press (both national and international) offered a lot of support, too.
Good ideas for preanuts (did I say that again?)...

via direct daily.

real-life TV

right here, right now

Stickers on a taxi window: the super-ingenious way of advertising BBC LIVE television. Bates agency of Singapore was the one to think of this and we think the idea is simply stunning! The stickers were placed in the left upper corner and the right lower one - the exact way these announcements appear on the TV screen.
Who said great ideas cost a lot?

via cerebro criativo.

Monday, October 30, 2006

the 80's are back...

...even in your toilet

We've all seen the great comeback of leggins, bomber jackets and headbands - all in the disco style of the 80's! But here's something new, that will bring light to your toilet, too.
Try the Lav Nav - a device that will make your toilet seat glow in the dark: red if it's up, green if it's down! You gotta love it...no need to turn the bright light on when you approach the bathroom at night.
The small unit is attached to the toilet seat with an adhesive strip and it has a sensor triggered by movement. And it works with batteries, so there's no need for a bathroom socket - people are always short of those :)

from the interactive department

do GOOD, live WELL

In the good spirit of doing charity work and having fun while being at it, SKYY VODKA has teamed up with Charity Buzz to create the Skyy Vodka Jet-Set Junket promotion - a.k.a. The Ultimate Cocktailing Experience.

The idea behind it all is placing a bid for 2 seats in a private jet and raising it to make sure you win the auction. The plane will take the winners on an exciting journey that will explore the hottest cocktail destinations right now: New York, Miami, Vail, Las Vegas and LA. Moreover, a portion of the money spent by the jet-setters will be given to support a charity cause.

Wanna hop in?


I'm on Duracell

...energy to the maxx

This is a nice idea for Duracell - placing the batteries on long-distance rides.
Good brand communication and the cars look funny, too :)

via advertka.ru.

P.S.: I also like Duracell joining forces with Superman (for the Superman Returns premiere) - see it on their site. Who else could be the a better match for the super-long-lasting hero?

think you've seen everything?

think again!

OK, guys, this really falls in the completely-unnecessary-but-still-cool-to-have inventions...It's a light bulb called "lamp/lamp" that has 2 sockets (smart naming, huh?) and it can be found here.

They say it's fun to have one at home and amaze your friends when they come over. And we believe them...

via trend corner (the blog).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the human brain...and sweets!

want some?

Yeeeay! We're talking about our favourite subject - candies - again! Here's the news: it seems that colours affect how much we eat. A recent study made by Brian Wansink, a professor of marketing and nutritional science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, discovered that the way food is displayed and the way it is coloured can have a great impact on the quantities we ingest.
Just an example: adults offered 6 different colours of flavoured jellybeans mixed together in the same bowl ate 69% more than when the colours were separated.
Wansink says that people eat with their eyes, and their eyes trick their stomachs. Even more, when we see varity on a table, we tend to eat more.
That's an interesting finding for all of you who are on a diet, of course - but it's even more interesting for advertising and marketing people!

via science daily.

Ever had a hard time travelling with lots of shoes and stacking them into your closet or throwing them in the middle of the room? Is that the life your favourite pairs of feet-huggers deserve?
That's exactly what designer Lilian Adler thought when she teamed up with partner Soren Berg and created the "Hotel" box concept at Pure Nomade. It's all about giving your shoes a pretty house, matching their (or your) personality.
Above you can see the "Dots" and "Text" boxes, but there are many others to choose from, whether you prefer prints or just plain beautiful colours.
Not sure if these boxes are home decor objects or practical ones? Well, that's exactly the idea!

Friday, October 20, 2006

food or jewelry?

it's both!

By elevating the good-ol'-sandwich to the level of a pop art object, Carrie Weston and The Grateful Palate created the SANDWICH RING. Made out of a bacon ring, a lettuce ring and a tomato one stuck between two bread rings, this piece of jewelry will surely get you noticed.
It is available in sterling silver for 150$ and in coloured gold for the small amount of 750$. And the great thing is you can customize it daily. For example, today you might feel like eating veggies, tomorrow you might crave some bacon and the day after you could stick to bread only.
A delicious buy all in all!

via cool hunting.

let's see some guerrilla!

how's your smile?

Well, here's a nice innovative way to promote dental services/prodcts. At least, it WAS innovative the first time it was used. And from what we know, the Theramed ads were first. Then came the Tea Bon ones.

via disruption.


no comment

Sometimes I wonder why people make some things. For example, the bags above. They're plain but*-ugly, but they cost a lot. So what human being in their right mind would buy them? It's still a mistery to me, but I guess they keep making them because they keep selling them. Or is it just a hidden attack against normal people, meaning to drive them all crazy in no-time?
Hard to say, really!

see them (and some nice stuff, too) on kitsch.co.uk.

stop 2 shop

the DEVA line

Fornarina teamed up with tokidoki designer Simone Legno and created the gorgeous DEVA line of women shoes. The 50's-inspired sandals with graphics on the interior sole close with a metal accessory in the form of the tokidoki logo.
But what we're really impressed with is this counter display above - amazing and so truly feminine!
And the selling method is really cool, too. Each pair of sandals comes with a complimentary nail polish in the package.
Hmmmm...let's hear it for their marketing PROs! :)

via Vinyl Pulse.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

this morning...

Philip Maes

Andrew Ingram

...I woke up and went to "school"

In fact, I went to an ADextravaganza seminar on RADIO ADVERTISING held by the two gentlemen above (Andrew Ingram and Philip Maes). The morning was cold, I was sleepy and I really didn't believe that radio advertising can be fun. I say "didn't" because the 4-hours seminar radically changed my opinion. The speakers were fun, extremely coherent and had some interesting points of view. I've never been a fast shifter or anything, but sometimes some things just make you a little bit less ignorant.
Thanks guys.

today I'm standing up for...

...the akimbo pose

Well, the thing is that I've been super-not-busy today, so my heroic self feels the need to get me out of my lazy disposition. And as I'm always up for some the-good-fighting-the-bad time, here it is. Today's mythbuster - or whatever you wanna call it: the AKIMBO pose.
I was just reading a post on a blog, saying that a lady looked like a blabber/bag-rag/gossip woman as she stood with one of her hands on the hip (yes, this is the AKIMBO position - I just found out its name and I'm glad to share it with everyone:)). And this post really made me mad. I'm sick of people saying that of the ones that take on this position. In fact, for all you nonverbal-communication-illiterates out there (misinterpreting this pose), it's not about blabber or bad character. In fact, it speaks about dominance and the will to impose one's power over the interlocutor. Think for a minute: this hand-on-the-hip action means enlarging one's personal space, capturing more of the surrounding environment and therefore, making a point stronger. So please, stop saying those stupid things before you look them up in a common sense dictionary (is there one out yet? if not, we should really invent it!!!!).

And by the way, that green plastic Goofy in the picture can be found (along with other cute figurines) here. That is if you need a statement toy :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new new new

cuter than ever

You probably noticed we've changed the look of the blog - made it cuter; and sweeter. And, yes, pinkier :)
Here's to the new blog! And to celebrate this, we've chosen a pretty purse from etsy.com. Enjoy and tell us what you think (of the blog, of the posts, of what's cool and what's not).

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New ice cream flavor! Horse...

eat it or leave it
It's a crazy world! And who's the wackiest of them all? Well, probably Japan, if we take into account the latest ice cream flavor developed there.
It's horse meat...
Yeah, I know. And it's said to contain meat chunks as well.
So much for a healthy taste in food.

Friday, October 06, 2006

hurray! the day just got bigger...

...43 hours, to be more exact
Yahoo! and OMD (OmnicomMediaGroup) released the "It's a family affair" report, based on a worldwide poll of 4.500 Web users. The most interesting finding of this report is that people live around 43 hours/day (when adding the time spent on various activities).
16 hours a day together with media devices and technology - that should be a sign! People today spend most of their time listening to music and communicating (instant messenger, e-mail, internet, blogs, mobile phones...).
We think marketers should take this into account: it's great to know these things about consumers! Bottom line?
There are a few words to remember: interactivity, technology and multitasking.
see more here.

flaunt your individuality and your designer skills...

...with Puma Mongolian BBQ
Following the example of the Mongolian barbeque - a historical practice involving soldiers and swords preparing their "personalized" food during feasts - Puma decided to offer its customers a somehow similar experience.
Only this time involving shoes - that can be "cooked" the way you want them (rare, well done, with a touch of spice, totally colorful etc.). You just have to choose the ingredients (shoe components) and mix them up in order to create your personal shoe, custom-designed and truly delicious! When you're finished, Puma'll take your order for home delivery.
We like this site because it's a good example of interactive advertising - and because we can spend many many hours creating beautiful shoes :)

please, just take it all off!

ads creeping everywhere
This is a great example of innovative media and we like it! It's sooooo funny!
Done for an epilation center in France.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


please, don't tease :)
Today is Buburuza's birthday! We wish her all the best luck in the world and cool friends like us :)
She's surely going to get a nice present - but it's a surprise! All we can tell is that it's cool, sweet and matches her personality just great!
Aren't we just the best friends in the whole world?

this is a post dedicated to...

1. advertising people in general (we live in a world of interactivity): "Tell me and I will forget; show me and I will remember; involve me and I will understand" - says Confucius on learning methods (and right he is!)
2. planners: "A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience" - Thomas Fuller
3. creatives: "Creativity is allowing onself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep" - Scott Adams
4. and clients (:)
"I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones" - John Milton Cage
"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds" - Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I promise...

...this is the last pink item (at least for a post or two ahead:))
I know, I know. I might be obsessed, but the truth is I find soooooo many cute pinky things that I just can't pass them by without noticing. So you see, it's not really my fault :) But for the ones of you that appreciate this cerise Winking Betty stylish messenger bag, please note it's available for buying and just waiting for you!

this time fashion is...

...simply cool
I've been reading tons of glossy mags lately and looking up autumn-winter trends. What can I say? I'm really impressed by them all, but two of them really stand out.
In a few words, the hottest piece of jewelry now is the bracelet - in any shape or material - and the cutest/boldest pattern is the skull.
So why not mix them up a bit for a girly-punkish look (to match the 80's revival)?
Like these trendy wristcuffs from MISS (short for Made In Shoreditch Somewhere) - pictured above. I don't know which one is cuter - I'd probably choose the first one (yes, I'm still in my pink-hearty phase!!!!).
But you can choose your fave and there are plenty of other great models you can look up at cut+paste.
Don't forget! Wear them everyday with jeans and a Tee to spice up a casual look or take them out at night for a sexier vibe. You'll surely make the best impression!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sense and sensibility

"O.ver D.oughed B.unny"
Some of you might remember from a previous post that I have a thing for Luke Chueh's art. Here's another artist I'm completely obsessing about - Thomas Han is the name. Well, as you can see, their styles are different, but they connect at some point (they're also very good friends, which is quite nice).
I'm talking about the "disturbed cuteness" their works involve. This is a concept I'd like to develop and maybe talk more about in the future. But for now, I'll just say their paintings are mesmerizing and I'm totally into the cute animals versus odd situations.
I don't know if these are the kind of "ohhh, look at that cutie!" or "ooohhh, the poor thing!" - type of paintings. In fact, I think they're kind of both, so that's exactly where their appeal comes from.

beauty in your closet

It seems that today I have a sudden passion towards everything pinkish and ribboned (oh, wait! I always do... :) ), so I decided these silk coat hangers were too beautiful not to post!
Therefore, here they are - the fashionista's must-haves for the perfect "armoire": coat hangers sold in a set of 3.
I totally prefer the evergreen & pink ones, but there's also the black & white variant, for the more serious types.
Long live love!

giving in style

is this cute or what?
Come on, you! I know it's not Christmas yet, but I just couldn't help myself thinking of gifts!
Speaking of helping, here's a nice idea for you all, when you find yourself in a situation of the sort:
- no money;
- no ideas;
- no money or ideas (the worst case of all! :) )
Just use an old newspaper/dictionary/book or whatever you feel appropriate. Take it, copy a page or two and there you have it: the coolest gift wrapper - and it was really easy to make it! Real simple teaches us that a beautiful coloured ribbon transforms every package into a stylish one, so wrap it, tie it and...there you go!
Think of special wraps for special ocassions - the definition of love for Valentine's Day, a cartoon page for a kid, a map for a passionate traveler and so on!
I hope that was inspiring. At least, it got me thinking :)
Buburuza's birthday is coming up and we might just use this kind of a surprise for her!
see more useful ideas here.

catch of the day

the "I want - I get" mechanism at work
These traps with luxurious "baits" were placed around Vancouver's business district, saying "Leave the hunting to us. ExecutiveSearchDating.com".

Monday, October 02, 2006


2gether & a-part

These 2 gorgeous notebooks were created by designer Thomas Keely and they're totally our cup of tea!

In fact, I have a very good friend that always asks for hugs - I think they're perfect for her! Or anyone who loves a great design once in a while.

In short, they represent two characters (one black, one white - symbolism to add on your own) that hug each other. Buy one for you and one for your sweetie pie - they're a great way to connect!