Wednesday, October 04, 2006

this time fashion is...

...simply cool
I've been reading tons of glossy mags lately and looking up autumn-winter trends. What can I say? I'm really impressed by them all, but two of them really stand out.
In a few words, the hottest piece of jewelry now is the bracelet - in any shape or material - and the cutest/boldest pattern is the skull.
So why not mix them up a bit for a girly-punkish look (to match the 80's revival)?
Like these trendy wristcuffs from MISS (short for Made In Shoreditch Somewhere) - pictured above. I don't know which one is cuter - I'd probably choose the first one (yes, I'm still in my pink-hearty phase!!!!).
But you can choose your fave and there are plenty of other great models you can look up at cut+paste.
Don't forget! Wear them everyday with jeans and a Tee to spice up a casual look or take them out at night for a sexier vibe. You'll surely make the best impression!


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