Friday, August 31, 2007

in an artsy mood...

...for the weekend

Lots of details, a bit creepy, great color combinations...just the way we like it! Check out these pictures and many more at and GIVE yourself a very good weekend :)

feathers are "IN"...

...this season
The autumn-winter fashion collections have been full of feathers al over. To tell you the truth, I've never been a real fan of feathers - OK, I can admire a "good" feathered concept (be it a bag, a necklace, a pair of earrings or whatever), but I've got a yukky feeling about wearing them. This might have something to do with the fact that I don't really like birds, but well...enough about me :)
But this lamp by designer Haldane Martin looks really nice and I think I can totally get used to seeing it everyday!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

this is the end...

make a sweet declaration... that special someone
I really remember how a cute bf of mine made me feel when we were in highschool. Every time I thought of him, I got butterflies in my stomach...and for good reasons, because he was the sweetest thing ever :) But I didn't tell him that and, obviously, I tried to keep my cool and pretend he was :) Kids, you know? But that was a long time ago and now I know the true value of a good love declaration :)
So if you feel that too and want to let people know, this funny card from Andy Pratt's collection Spot On is the best way of delivering the message.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

whatever you do...

...there you are

New Zealand is here. To save the world! BEE is a company that creates Beauty Engineered for Ever, as they say. As you all know, the chemical products we use everyday to wash our dishes, our clothes, our hands and pretty much everything are BAD for the environment. Using natural ingredients like essential oils, plants, sugar or oxygen, all the BEE products seem to pass the test in both cleaning and saving the environment. If you ask me, I like the idea and the packaging. As for the "save the planet" stuff, I hope it'll work.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

not bad...

...not bad at all
The Amnesty International Pen - "Write For Freedom". Powerful message. Nicely said.

Monday, August 20, 2007

imaginary worlds...

Nectar Harvesters


Enchanted Observers

...aren't just for kids

If you're thinking of making a cute present or you'd like to "childify" your house for a bit, why not buy some of the great artwork available at Gallery Hanahou (New York)? We especially love the paintings from APAK! (above), but there's more in here.

Friday, August 17, 2007

you've been...


Hmmm...very nice! This LEGO Ed table and chair for kids is a prototype made at Studio Leung in 2003! It's so great, don't you think? Another piece of funky furniture for the funky people! Only that you have to be among the "little" funky people to be able to use it, but still...Makes for a great addition to your home!
Play more - or something :)

time to get...

I've just noticed, these last few days, all we've been doing was talk about parties, celebrations and so on. Hmmm...the summer holidays are over, so we should really really switch to "SERIOUS" mode any day now. Tomorrow? Neaaah...maybe come Monday? :) We'll see.
Until then, as I said, no more vacation until winter time (can I be
:(?). But no worries, you can bring the marine vibe near in your home or office with the shell wire garland from Plumparty ("party"????? again?????!@!!! is this word like...haunting us?).
The sea shells are just beautiful and, of course, you'll get a kick out of showing people how cool your place is.

party... it's Friday!

After a week full of work, we're all ready to (*yawn*) party, riiiight? [I'm not saying works isn't good, God forbid, it's just...ooooh, well, we'd like to party more and work less :)]
But, hey, cheer up! You know tonight you'll find a brand new boost of energy to get you through a full weekend (just like you always do). And if you add the cuuute "Party Animal" T-shirt on, you'll surely have a blast! These guys at Own Movement have such funny Tees, we're always impressed :)
Party on!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

very chic...

...for a chick
Use the two above as party supplies for your tres chic celebrations, when you want to get out of the crowd! Black confetti and python tape - can it get more classy? Well, it's not caviar, but still...
Buy at Atypyk.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

today's piece of cool... laughing
Yeah, laughing. This morning I made 5 people laugh out of nothing. It was a silly thing I wrote, the kind I almost always use when I want to lighten up the air for a bit. It was nothing special, I tell you. And it's not like I'm not usually funny, 'cause I am (hummm, or at least I guess so :)).

But this was something special. It was like something so small - that I didn't even think of too much - generated a general laughing cascade. And seeing them so amused, I couldn't help but think...we usually TRY to make others laugh, we say jokes, we think of clever things to say...but, damn, it's so simple!

So you see, laughing is so great: beyond the health and beauty benefits - keeping your face in tip-top shape, giving you a beautiful aura and being a good exercise for your abdominal muscles - it is also great for your spirit. But hey, I guess we all know that...but it's good to be reminded from time to time, huh? :)
I think the gorgeous pins from Modishoppe are exactly the kind of thing that can start a funny conversation. Or if not, they can just brighten up your day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

these books are just...

Paying homage to the great design of the cigarette pack, Tank Books are prone to become iconic, too, with their "classics in a classic pack". And yeah, everyone will ask where you found those "Hemingway" cigarettes!

convert... this!

In order to give people a hint about how driving a VW Eos Convertible would feel, a DM with a poster wouldn't seem much. But if the poster is an endless blue sky above your head, then things might be a lil' different.

via Cherryflava.


...are almost always oldies

Lisa Kokin, a "humble servant of the arts", as she describes herself, makes the most wonderful things ever. Really, I am totally captivated by her work. Who doesn't feel nostalgia when looking at old pictures - even though they are not theirs, nor have any connection to the viewers?
That's exactly what she does. She buys old photos - some with personal details, like names, places or years written on them and some stripped of any info - and creates beautiful things with them. Like the ones above. Now, I'll let you dream for a while...

being social... cool
As philosophers say, humans are social beings that live to live together in communities. Well, other animals do, too, but let's concentrate, OK? :)
Therefore, if we are so extremely social, why don't we show it more? And why don't we show it everywhere?
For example, nowadays, big cities are so crowded, that people on the streets don't even notice each other, they just walk at their speedy pace and don't take the time to smile to others or even look at the things around them.
That's exactly where designer Maya Goldblum thought to intervene, by creating CLAIMP - "a device to clamp and claim public space". That's a great idea! Claimp can be attached on lamp posts, making you see the streets in a totally different light. It has a drink holder and also a coat/umbrella/bag one. To give you the cozy feeling of a cafe - only in public space, of course. We think it's a great idea - and you'll see, it can work wonders.
Just attach your CLAIMP and start admiring the street and the people. Why not be relaxed when everyone is feeling grumpy and speedy?
via dezeen.

Monday, August 13, 2007

get your kitsch on...

...with these hooks!
You know our opinion about kitschy things - if you're serious about them, well, they stay KITSCH. But if you wear/use them with a bit of irony, they can get COOL! So how fun is that?
All those plastic flowers from your mom, table covers from your grandma, or mass "art" products your dad bought...some of them you'd never thought would be cool.
But now they can...if you only reinvent them. This transformation works for fabrics, colors, design styles and many other things.
These hand hooks from UMA fall right into this category. Of course, they can look like bad taste, but only if you don't get the laugh behind the idea. But if you do...who knows, their creepy appearance might just get way trendy!

after the summer...

...we all have cash, right? :)

Right! So we need a place to put all that. And the credit cards. And the photos of loved ones (does any of you do that?). But 'nough talking. Here's something for everybody. As they say, "19 international artists from Barcelona, London, and beyond". At Poketo! Buy!

Friday, August 10, 2007

summer vacation is...

...for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know. No posting lately, but I've really been sooooo busy with the holidays and all, I really had no time to do it... :)

But time to wake up and smell the...workweek - coming soon, too soon :(
Anyway, that's OK, you just can't be partying all the time, can you?? Although some of our friends from Timisoara think you can. Take a look at Andrei, he's just opened up a shop on cafepress and, as we hear from his press agent (that's what you get when you become a star :P), he's busy all day long drawing bunnies and hippos. Hummm...guys, can we join? :)

But this is no monkey business, we tell you! Andrei has some very serious thoughts about mixing clothes and psychology, so there you go. Blow their minds in Monkey Theatre apparel!