Friday, September 29, 2006

couture in the kitchen

who says housewives shouldn't have fun?
Well, not us, that's for sure! We believe that everybody has the right to bring a little spice into their lives. In this fashion, this is what we're proposing: a stylish (yeah, STYLISH!!!) alternative to the usual yellow rubber dishwashing gloves.
Do we hear a yupppeeee?
Yeah, i thought so. Well, it was our pleasure, trust us. We're completely amazed with how good the red-and-white-print-ruffled gloves look!
see them on flip-flop style.

heading toward the 80's

This season sees the comeback of 2 cute trends: croco leather and headbands. You cannot do without them!
That's why we found these really great headbands that are super-sweet and combine the best looks for fall. You have a variety of colours to choose from and you'll completely be the queen of the ball! They work for day, night, work, play...they're just the IT accessory for every girl.
via Outblush.

a touch of fun...

...with the Snoopy mice
This is a real nice Friday and we're totally feeling it. The sun is up in the sky, the birds are singing and everybody's smiling. Oh, OK, that's not in the real world! But we know a place where things are truly like that: welcome to Snoopy's universe and have fun with him and his Peanuts friends.
Now available in optical mouse format, in several cute colours to brighten up your day!
via gizmodiva.


get Reparil
These ad creeps were created for Reparil Gel, a medicine that does exactly what its name says: repairs. For minor injuries, get Reparil - that would be the idea.
The ads are really funny, but I first thought they were advertising some kind of an adhesive.
Well, no. It's a skin-repairing treatment, for each and every one of those situations that might cause you "minor" injuries: getting caught under a shop shelf, a waste container, a car or an immense flower pot :)


a new you each day
These super-cool eyewear frames from Vilebrequin come in 15 colours and are perfect for the modern man! Now you don't have to buy several pairs of glasses anymore - you can just transform your favourite one every day!
Match them to your mood, your clothes, your girlfriend's's your choice how far you want to take this!

start your day...

...with a cup of fortune
What's better in the morning than a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee? A hot cup of fresh roasted coffee AND a prediction!
The imaginative guys at Atypyk thought it would be really nice to create a set of cups that only look ordinary (simple classic white ceramic), but in fact hide a fortune inside.
And we think it's a great way to impress your guests, too! Just pour them some coffee and let them discover their own fortune inside it when they finish drinking!
There are 20 messages you can choose from:
- Take it easy
- Your lucky day
- Birth
- Pay raise
- Trust yourself
- Start a new life
- Too good to be true
- Crucial decision
- Enjoy free time
- Nervous breakdown
- Radical changes
- Important meeting
- Better times ahead
- Great success
- Winning streak
- Patience will pay
- Give it a chance
- Peaceful period
- In love
- Dreams come true
Better yet, buy them all and let yourself be surprised every day!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

this is totally hot!!!!

mouse-fashion to the max
Well, now, if you're getting bored with your old mousepad and thing you can't do any better, think again!
Some very creative guys came up with these mouse rugs - a miniature copy of your livingroom carpet. They're totally usable thanks to the technology (nylon-fiber coating of a real rug digitalized photo) and some even consider them "stylish" and "regal". We think they're funny!
see this for details.

gettin' dizzy with it

6 - 2 collect
Talking about mobile accessories? Well, yeah! Everybody loves to embelish their mobiles, to either stick things on them/cover then/attach things to them.
It's total fun!
But we're bringing you the latest in mobile accessorising - the MoPods. You can choose between six cuties - a devil, a dog, a kitty, a monster, a penguin and a monkey and just have a good time!
These little critters jump around, spin and flash whenever you receive mobile calls or messages, even on silent mode.
They're so nice and colorful (and yeah, they're Japanese :)) that we can't imagine anyone NOT wanting one!
find them here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

choose cool for everything

what's your fave?
Don't tell me all your towels are like...white! Euuuuh!!!
Simple white? That's soooo old school (in the bad way)!
Please, totally change your take on life - starting now! Put some money aside (20 bucks for you, 40 if you think your sweety deserves some attention, too...) and get going! The beau-ti-ful Parskid Hand Towels are here. They're hand-made, with super-cool illustrations and will brighten your mornings in a sec!
We can't decide between "Balloon Boy", "Pod Person" and "Girl with Dog", so we'll let you!
via pixelgirl.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Milan x-plosion

couldn't resist...
Downtown Milan. A nice summer day. But wait! There's a burnt car in the middle of the street! And what's with all that loud music coming out of this wreck?
Well, don't worry - it's just a guerrilla marketing operation to promote the new super-powerful audio system from Kenwood.
It "only" took an exploded car, hostesses with torn clothes giving away info on the Kenwood audio system and stickers saying "Can't stop me. Kenwood". Good one.

neverending food

gimme more, gimme more!
Fresh execution for the till belt conveyer by Rama Cremefine! A delicious line formed by sticker "goodies" was placed on the belt, giving the sensation of a perpetual snack-time with Rama creme, so low in fat that you can eat as much as you want to.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

struck by Cupid's arrow

love is in the air
Valentine's Day innovative done in a shopping mall cafe. The "lover cups" with 2 straws are really cute, but the chairs are our favourites!
via coloribus.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


gotta love them
We hope you're already in the know with the pirate/bones/skull trend this year, so we shouldn't emphasize its importance any more.
Now you can totally take advantage of this edgy style in the cutest way ever! Kid Pirate's reversible necklaces are a must for every fashion lover. You can wear them everyday and still be different - when you get bored of one side, just turn the other one up!
They're so sweet we think we never want this trend to stop!

embrace me

introducing MAMA
Feeling lonely? Need some care and a hug? Come here, you! (and buy yourself the MAMA embracing chair, especially designed to hold you close and make you feel loved). Kids seem to like it most, but adults shouldn't be deprived of this cuddly chair, either!
Created by RASA deSIGN and seen on design spotter.


yo, ma' bro! whazzup with da hoodie?
Were you under the impression that at Neiman Marcus you can only buy stuff like clothes, shoes, jewelry and the like? 'Cause we certainly were.
Until today, when we totally found out that we were wrong!
Here's the latest you can find on their site: dog apparel.
Yes, you heard it right!
Dress your poochie head-to-toe in velour and faux-fur parkas, hoodies or Tees.
And for a touch of luxury, buy it a "Juicy Couture" dog bed, too.
Talk about a dog's life!


so this is Spiderman's secret...
A very nice ad for Scotch (adhesive tape) - showing us how much a good symbol can do.

Friday, September 15, 2006

we're not buying that

stencils rock!
This is a short crisp message. Found outside a train station in Boston. It says "I fell down some stairs." and we think it is great!
Simple and to-the-point and really powerful if you think about it.
See more ads and find out more info on this social pest here.
via adfreak.

adressing women

the "upskirt" manoeuver

If you were wondering what this grossed-out man is asking, well, it's "Time for a brazilian?".
These cute stickers were placed in women's toilets to promote a beauty saloon - we suppose (oh, yes, we have eagle eyes, but this picture is a bit too small even for our taste).
Ingenious and funny, anyway.
via coloribus.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

summer's over, school's back

gotta do it in style!
Well, ladies, school is in again and you're expected to give your best! But how can one learn without a proper gear? That's why we found 2 beautiful school bags for you from Miffy.
They're cool and super fashionable, no matter what trend you decide to follow this fall: punk fashionista or preppy girl.
Now THAT's what we call a cute comeback!

you know you're an addict...

...when you do this!
A super-interesting guerrilla campaign from Chile, done by Perfil BTL Santiago for the Instituto Nacional de Torax - a medical institution concerned mainly with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
Aimed at heavy smokers, this campaign convinced them they are sick by placing "cigarettes" on the streets. When they were picked up, their inside was in fact a flyer saying: "It seems you don't only need a cigarette, but also help. Quit smoking therapies".

now you see it... you don't
Remember those funny magnet boards from your childhood? You could draw anything on them and then, by some miracle, it dissapeared and you could draw again and again...
Well, they're useful to adults, too. For example, advertising agency Dentsu from Malaysia used them as a clever interactive way to demonstrate the power of Attack, a laundry detergent: draw a spot - then clean it right away!
Nice slogan endorsement, too: "One scoop for amazing results". Great idea!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

trespassers will be...asked for their balls

scary, huh?
Our friend Buburuza is totally funny today! Here's a nice photo she sent me while in this sunny disposition.
Prosecution is OK, but what's up with the "removal" thing?
A big kiss 4 Buburuza. And special thanks to her cousin in Denmark, too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

zip up for autumn

Well, guys and gals, here it is! Our no. 1 favourite object for today (what? we said that before? not true :)). OK, OK! Our second no.1 favourite object for today ...
The UM tote! Designed by Josh Jakus, this beauty is made of felt and consists in fact of 2 layers of cleverly shaped pieces united by a zipper. As you can see above, when completely opened, the bag is super-flat; again, when it is closed, it's super-cool!
Adding the fact that this is an eco-bag as well (it's made out of industrial waste) and that grey is this year's colour, we don't see any reason for you to stay in front of your computer anymore!
Go out and shop!


food science

Not only a true design masterpiece, but also a really helpful item, the cutting scale is our no.1 favourite today!
The concept of bringing science into the kitchen is really great!
You can use this item as a cutting board and then as a scale, because part of its surface offers you an exact measurement of the quantity it holds.
From now on, when you get compliments on your soup and get asked for a recipe, be prepared: 34 grams of meat, 29 pepper, 50 grams tomatoes!
Enjoy this new way of cooking!

Friday, September 08, 2006

piano lessons

do, re, mi
A nice guerrilla action to promote piano lessons: each leaflet on the fingerboard has take-away info. Great idea and pretty neat execution, too!


gotta work it to see results
What's the biggest problem people want to get rid of by going to the gym?
"El panchito", of course. The BELLY!
Well, this is a great ad creep showing us the way to get HARD ROCK ABS - without saying it! In fact, without saying to much at all, except the address and the web site.
Is that great or what?

do the yoga...

...with the right equipment

Now you can practise your favourite form of sports and relaxation and still be super-cute and stylish! It's the new Hello Kitty yoga collection that you were expecting. And here it is: Tees, rugs and different yoga bags just for your comfort and pleasure!

Super-zen attitude to you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy birthday to you!

one ladybug to go
This super-cool birthday cake tastes as good as it looks, if you're wondering. We had the opportunity to eat it a few months ago (in February, to be more precise) at deea_holideea's birthday party.
Why did I post it now, you ask? Well, because I got the pictures today (no, they weren't lost in the Amazonian rainforest and brought back by a really friendly bunch of toucans...) and thought they are cute memories to share with friends.
A big kiss to all of you that have been there :)

singin' in the rain

a small step for you, a big one for fashion
Do you remember those childhood days when all you wanted to do is go out and play? No matter the weather, no matter what your parents said? Now remember the rainy days and how safe it felt wearing the rubber boots.
See? Mom was right. You can stay out in the rain as much as you want - ONLY with the right shoes.
That's why Karen from Plueys created a new line of beautiful rubber shoes, giving the old classic a twist and making it appealing to every fashionista.
"Puppy love", "Origami Me" and, of course, "LotsaDots" are our favourite.
Choose yours!
via Big Perk.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a bon entendeur, salut!

In order to celebrate the National Anti-Smoking Day on August 29th, Sao Paulo agency Full Jazz filled the city with cigarette poles saying "STOP".
Good idea, and it seems to have been noticed and appreciated.
A call for the ones willing to hear.