Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pluto gets the boot

where's my star?
Pluto is no longer considered a planet - see here why. Therefore, we're only left with 8 planets that rightfully deserve this title: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Having this in mind, Pedigree thought of using the new situation to its advantage. That's how the print above came up at TBWA/RAAD in Dubai. The copy says: "Pluto, we still love you". And the famous slogan "We're for dogs" cleverly changed to "We're for underdogs too".
It's a great ad: funny, cute and friendly.


the classics put to a new use
Are you completely in love with your vintage record collection and you can't stand CD's or mp3s?
Well, no matter what others say, we think there's nothing wrong with you. Moreover, retro is the new cool - so don't be ashamed of your passion. Show it to everybody! The next time you invite people for dinner or just for a drink at your place - sport this new coasters made from real vinyl records.

everyday art

2 hard to choose
These beautiful adress books from If'n Books + Marks Studio are carefully handmade by illustrator Jen Corace with vintage and contemporary elements. No matter which one you prefer, we advise you to carry these beauties in your handbag everyday!
And if you can't decide between the red "hello-goodbye" variant and the blueish "remember-don't forget" one, take both! One for the office, one for home (that's your alibi if your boyfriend thinks you're a big spender).

the dogs have decided...'s either this or no bath at all!
Remember those crazy moments after you've finished cleaning your dog? Water splashed all over the place, bath foam on your clothes and shoes and a wet canine just waiting to shake out some more?
But the worst is yet to come...THE DRYING PART! All dogs hate it, so why bother?
That's exactly what Dr. Nosenchunk - a professor at Princeton University - thought when he came up with the idea of creating the CraZy Dog hair dryer. With an innovative design that places the motor un the handle, not in the blowing unit, this dryer totally rocks! And we're not just saying that - it produces 90% less noise than your average hair dryer.
Isn't that great? Less noise for the pup, less trouble for you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ugliest bag EVER?

uh... Virgin Mary + roses + black background ... naaaaah
OK, I know you're used to seeing cute things on this site...but this time we're showing you something but*-ugly. We wouldn't have done it if it wasn't a life and death matter - we wouldn't resist seeing somebody wear this bag on the streets (outside the privacy of their homes AND into our sensitive eyes)!!!
So now you know...this bag here is by no means an acceptable sight (no matter how in fashion "kitsch" is right now).
Please, if someone knows an uglier bag, don't be shy and let us know. Thanks.

Monday, August 28, 2006

fancy a little treat?

to eat or not to eat...
...that is the question! The all-time deeeelicious gummy bears are now available in the form of a great orange flavoured lip gloss from kissfix.
Making your man crave for some more...while you stay in ship-shape, 'cause this variant is non-fattening! Hurrray!!!!!!
buy it here.

Friday, August 25, 2006

"What do you do for a living?"...

... "I make people's lives beautiful"
This is how we imagine an interwiev with artist Chiho Aoshima.
She is the one behind the "City Glow, Mountain Whisper" digital paintings found in the Gloucester Road Underground Station in London. Her work depicts a beautiful environment that gradually changes from day to night and from an urban to a rural scene, keeping the passengers in constant wonder.
She proposes "a hybrid of the human, the animal, the plant and the man-made". Truly interesting idea - and (if that's possible) the execution is even better!
Japanese artists rock!!!

the yellow box in the city...

...brought to you by DHL
This is a guerilla campaign for the best known express delivery service in the world. Yellow boxes, red logo - everything seems to be right.
But the surprise element here is in the placing of the boxes: around street poles, statues, park toys.
The copy says "If it is where it belongs, it was probably delivered by DHL".
via coloribus.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

mirror, mirror on the wall... that a TV that I see?
Well, yes. It's really a TV in your bathroom mirror. As we all know, this is the "live fast" era, so we'd better learn to accept it. First of all, we just can't take the time to watch TV and do nothing else in the meantime - it's just not possible anymore! That's why some clever guys from Electric Mirror thought it would be great to have a TV in the bathroom - you can watch the news while showering or your favourite soap (no pun intended :P) while taking a loooong looong bath in perfumed oil.
So enjoy - the "Vanity Mirror" prevents fogging and it won't give you any trouble to clean or preserve.
via trendir.

headache guerilla

that must've hurt...
"Stabbed" posters in order to illustrate the pain headache makes us face. It's a guerilla attempt for Advil - ibuprofen, a drug that's "More Powerful Than Pain".

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


or else...
OK, guys! This is a scream for liberty, so be aware! Raducu (one of our art directors) just told me to tell the world he wants to stop! He's been working on a visual for some time and I guess he's reached a phase where he just wants to stay cool and relax for a bit.
So...if you hear this desperate call, please, leave him alone!!!
P.S.: we're also receiving gifts in his name :)


...and happy
We're living in a fast-paced world, where people engage in everlasting rat-races, advertising surrounds us and noise has become vital for our existence. If we're calm and peaceful, something's definitely wrong.
But trends are beggining to show a different side, too. One that's much more quiet and slow-lived, one that might actually work again.
People taking up exotic philosophies, joining yoga classes and re-arranging their homes Feng-Shui style - that's just the surface, but it might soon become a way of life for more and more of us.
Let's just think for a moment about other cultures. Take the Kingdom of Bhutan, for example. Situated in the Eastern Himalayas, between Tibet and India, this country is a striking sight. They don't have traffic lights (because these stressed the population), advertising is restricted, ecology is at its peak and traditions are preserved for ages.
But most important of all, the monarch once said this kingdom cares more about its GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS than about its Gross National Product (and these words just don't seem to be political marketing @ work).
Well, what do we learn from that?

Monday, August 14, 2006

yeah! that's so stylish!

it's paper. toilet paper.
Well, you know the feeling - just when you think you're immune to all new trendy stuff and swear nothing else will ever startle you...there it is! The only thing YNTWA* - standing in front of you and making you feel like a fool. "Is this for real?"; "I wish I thought of that!"; "Oh, crap!" - reactions may vary.
But the only thing that we know for sure is that it EXISTS and it is already a big trend (in classy clubs from Milan, Madrid, Paris and New York).
Oh...I forgot to mention what IT is: the black toilet paper - made for stars.
Until now, everyone's used to seeing the "late" white rolls or the "so-long" baby blue/baby-pink ones. Anyway, pure, bright and pastel - that was the old colour scheme.
But you heard it here first: they're O-V-E-R!
Black is the new...errr...white.
*you never thought would appear

you're toasted!

making breakfast declarations
The creators of the Love Toast at Bim Bam Banana advise you not to "say it" with flowers, but with toast! So if you're looking for a cute original way to make a love declaration to your sweetie or if you're just a gourmande or maybe a pragmatic with a sense of aesthetics, this machine is perfect for you!
From now on, prepare for mornings filled with joy and bread slices saying "I love you". Can it get any better?

the energy bar that tastes good...

... and also looks nice
All of you fitness-freaks out there, pay attention! I guess you're totally tired of energy bars tasting like crap and looking like that, too. So you should be very happy to know that now you can indulge your taste buds and make them explode with joy!
Big Sur Bar is a special combo of all those healthy things you should eat and it also comes in 3 great flavors: Original, White Zest and Blind Date.
This is a Product inspired by the Californian way of life and we hear it even tastes like dessert. So get active and eat well - and you'll probably get that great beach bod in no time!

theft-proof sandals

safe shoes
The shoes of the future - did you expect them to be beautiful? Or comfortable? does "interactive" sound to you? Because that's what they're going to be like, so get used to the idea and try to see the good part.
For example, these unique ArchPort sandals are made with a precise goal: to protect you from getting mugged on the beach.
This is the place where you go to have fun - but where do you keep your money?
Matt Potts, the president of Arch Shoes, has the answer: in your sandals. He and his staff thought the old way of marketing footwear is...well, old. He moved attention from Fashion, Performance, Stability and Comfort - the classic 4 dimensions of shoes, and added the fifth - INTERACTIVITY. So he designed a sandal that is not extremely good-looking - so it won't attract people - but has a secret compartment in the sole - that gives you room for money, credid cards, ID and much more.
Truly the next generation of shoes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

keep your teeth in your mouth...

...learn self defence
This is a great innovative way of advertising a self defence school.
Done by TBWA Berlin.
Each tooth of the character works separately as a note giving you info on the school that can change your life. Whether you always get a black eye at school or you just live in a dangerous neighbourhood, learning how to use your hands and feet for more that eating and walking is great!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

super-cool of the day

This bag from lime. is inspired by the no.1 teen-show of the moment - The O.C.! The creators of the Mischa Slouch Bag came up with this design in honour of the lead actress - Mischa Barton (alias Marissa Cooper), so if you're a fan, you should grab one too as quickly as you can.
It's roomy, it has an adorable shape and it looks gorgeous with its pink stripes and plum bike design!
saw it on copacetique.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the durex push

fun in the subway
Durex made these great ad creeps for advertising its products in the subway. They were placed on the beating doors at the entrance in metro stations nearby universities and the copy said: "You're safe with Durex".
Fun and interactive!
via coloribus.

stepping on it

thai done right
This is a fantastic floor ad, done to promote a traditional thai massage center.

Monday, August 07, 2006

cutest pencils ever!

the smencils
Find some tasty pencils on this site. Guaranteed to make your workdays fun and colorful!

the finer the slice...

...the better the knife
This innovative media for inox bonomi shows the perfection this Italian brand gives to each and every product. Precision is everything, and when matched with creativity...the results can only be great!
via open ads.

the incredible Axe effect (for others as well)

...any similarities?
The Brasilian Axe effect- tunnel opening is pretty cool - but it seems to "resemble" a bit another ad creep idea for another product (see above). But then we could go on and talk about execution and impact.
Is it "the supremacy of the first" or "the glory of the best"? (this is the question...)
via open ads.

right hand, WRONG hand?

hey! what's this?
We all know that babies tend to cry a lot (yes, especially at night) and ask for attention (yes, especially at night again!!!). That can drive mommies a bit crazy, because they need their rest, too. But does that mean they would do ANYTHING to make the infant calm down and stop the midnight symphony?
Well, it looks like that. That's probably how the Zaky Infant Pillow was...well...born. The description of this ergonomic pillow sounds like this: "It's like leaving a part of you with your baby"! And the truth is that the hand-looking cushion provides your little one with a comforting pat on the back all night long. It's guaranteed to offer (you and) your baby a better sleep.
via swissmiss.

and while in Vegas...

...get the perfect alibi!
OK, so you're going to Vegas with some naughy thoughts in mind. Why not protect yourself from being "caught in the act" with the Vegas Alibi Generator 2.0? Just answer some questions about your habits and personality and here you are - you get the perfect alibi, customized to match your pretty little self perfectly! Here's mine :) (I didn't get to Vegas yet, but you can never be too prepared...).
via World Hum.


...a popular slogan
"The Entertainment Capital of the World" gained fame all over the Globe for its famous slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". With some tourist help, the phrase remained on its feet, though it was criticised for creating a false image of the city - as a place where rules don't apply.
But what happens when this slogan takes a different road and targets a different age group (kids, more precisely)? The Barnyard movie (featuring a cow, a chicken, a mouse and a pig) plays around with it, and it seems the initial shocking image is over.
via ad freak.

the model camera

really slim
The idea behind this guerrila ad for the Sony Cyber-shot T1 is really great! A camera that is so slim that it can fit anywhere...nice.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

designers at your feet

shoe art
This summer, make the best shoe choice with these artistic espadrilles from String Republic.
They're both comfy and cool - what more can you ask? Some trendy names, maybe?
Well, then: presented above - Valley of Jell-o and Home Ghost.

the 80's are back...

...even in canine fashion
For the 2007 fall-winter season, designers just couldn't help themselves and created looks that bring back the 80's into our lives. Lush fabrics, sparkle, glitter, new shapes and, of course, bright colours - that's what fashion will be about in the next months.
But you just can't be a true fashionista if you leave your dog lingering in a different era! That's why designers also created 80's inspired pooch-wear - for the fashion-conscious-tail-wiggler.
Here's the Tiger Bomber Jacket : made of satin, with a fierce tiger patch applied on the back.
Make your little companion roar with pleasure!

Friday, August 04, 2006

for the careless driver

still enjoying it?
This is a great 360 idea. As flower sellers next to traffic lights are a common sight in Mumbai, India, Contract Advertising Pvt Ltd thought of giving them some wreaths, too. The copy said: "Just in case you are drinking and driving". Perfect! Target-focused, simple, innovative and completely to-the-point!

cocktails, anyone?

These cocktail Molotov bottles were sent by Manifesto, a progressive Calgary hair salon for its grand opening (on April 1 - probably not a coincidence:). These invitations totally reflect the attitude of the brand - that's direct marketing at its best!


energy all the way
This is a very nice ad for Lucozade. A TO DO LIST like you'd hate to ever see - all checked (and with a bonus! it's in ORANGE - as in "It's been a pleasure do do them all! Got some more?").
You just gotta like it!
via adverbox.

now I'm here, now I'm not

leave me alone
It seems nowadays, instead of opening ourselves to others, we tend to get more and more isolated. It's the "me-and-myself" era, and new design products seem to be taking this case very seriously. Remember a few days ago we were talking about the antisocial chair - and now it's time for another invention, called Personal Space.
Anna Maria Cornelia came up with this idea that consists of an inflatable "igloo" that covers your upper-body, giving you the space you need. The only problem would be that you might look like a big puffy life form, with human legs. But if you don't mind that...
When you're ready to return to the real world, you just have to deflate it're back!
Still, the concept reveals today's tendency toward "keeping it private" - maybe it's the beggining of the end for media immersing everywhere and everyone knowing everything about everybody?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

beauty everywhere

mirror out, mirror in
This Azi/Aron mirror with protective cover is so cute that you might not resist and buy it for yourself, even if you're a bit older than 4! Still, there's no shame in being childish (or so we think), so you have the right to behave like a little lady!
From artbox.


suitable for any age
The latest addition to your stationery collection should be this box of coloured Munny crayons. You can use them to draw on Munny, to fill the Munny colouring books or in any other creative way you can think of! Are you asking who's Munny? Well, then it's clear you've been missing out on some trends. But shhhh...we won't tell anybody. Just go here and find out quick.

Superman returns...

...for the young at heart
An ever-green (in fact, more like blue&red) hero, Superman is now back in action. I just saw the movie last week, and I'm sure of one thing right now: you have to keep your idealism and to perpetually fight evil, no matter your age.
It's the Superman way of life.

a moment of thinking...

Just a few days ago were talking about bags and it seemed obvious this medium was a bit
over-used, still it looks like advertisers are not giving it up in the next future (the idea above was to place an image of the new Foschini bags in transparent satchels).
While this concept still holds a piece of innovation, the Colgate ad on soda vending machines isn't so lucky. How come it's THE EXACT SAME IDEA (both visually&textually) as in the Perlodent ad (see it here), only placed in the upper side of the fridge?

Dia do Amigo

newspaper dog
A great ad creep made by Pedigree in order to celebrate Friend's Day (July 20th) - as dogs are the best companions in the world. This cute puppy sticker used as a newspaper holder is very sweet and very to-the-point.

food damage control

is that smart or what?
In this era of multitasking-lifes, we all need to do more things at once in order to get things done in time. Designer Duck Young Kong thought of a really useful invention to help people in this situation. Have you ever spilled your coffee on the keyboard or found bread crumbles inside it from all those sandwiches eaten over the computer, in your attempt to save time and eat while working?
Well, there's no fear of that anymore, with the keyboard tray that allows you to get a proper meal and still keep your keyboard nice and clean.


powerful illustrations
Spanish illustrator Patricia Metola's blog tipika is full of paintings, drawings and unique ideas like the ones above. She has great inspiration and adds cuteness to her work by using this vintage-like technique that automatically transports the viewer into childhood dreams.
Don't miss it if you want to relax, have fun or even buy some pieces for your own home.
via 31x7 Mag.