Tuesday, October 31, 2006

so you see?

simple and impactful

A budget under 600 EUR and just a week to do it. And what do you get? A great innovative campaign, a lot of media coverage and a successful mission.
It seemed like an impossible task when SEDA (Seeing Eye Dogs Australia) asked agency Rapp Collins to promote their services. But it was all clear when they came up with the idea of wrapping 300 objects in Melbourne's Bourke St Mall in 1 km of bubble wrap, overstickered with signs saying "We Need More Seeing Eye Dogs". The objects acted as "obstacles" for blind people, attracting attention. For them, the city clutter can feel different.
It also seems it became the biggest donation day in SEDA's history: 720% ROI.
People were touched by the idea and the press (both national and international) offered a lot of support, too.
Good ideas for preanuts (did I say that again?)...

via direct daily.


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