Tuesday, October 03, 2006

giving in style

is this cute or what?
Come on, you! I know it's not Christmas yet, but I just couldn't help myself thinking of gifts!
Speaking of helping, here's a nice idea for you all, when you find yourself in a situation of the sort:
- no money;
- no ideas;
- no money or ideas (the worst case of all! :) )
Just use an old newspaper/dictionary/book or whatever you feel appropriate. Take it, copy a page or two and there you have it: the coolest gift wrapper - and it was really easy to make it! Real simple teaches us that a beautiful coloured ribbon transforms every package into a stylish one, so wrap it, tie it and...there you go!
Think of special wraps for special ocassions - the definition of love for Valentine's Day, a cartoon page for a kid, a map for a passionate traveler and so on!
I hope that was inspiring. At least, it got me thinking :)
Buburuza's birthday is coming up and we might just use this kind of a surprise for her!
see more useful ideas here.


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