Monday, March 17, 2008

honey you can hold... your hand!
Nothing's better for a tea drinker than a drop of honey. But honey is messier than sugar - and it's not that easy to use.
Solid honey could be an idea...but where to find it? Well, you might be surprised, but that's EXACTLY what Honibe is!
The ones that created the Honibe Honey Drop thought of taking the matter in their own hands and tried to remove the messy stickiness we usually associate with liquid honey.
So they made the Honey Drops - 100% pure dried honey, just ready to jump in your cup!


Blogger Kagahn said...

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Anonymous behindblueeyez said...

That honey looks delicious.mmmmm....

PS-> could you please delete the previous comment ( I almost caught a virus when clicking the links :()

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Gabriela Vlad said...

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