Thursday, November 30, 2006

celebrating St.Andrew...

...with some cute presents

Because today we celebrate St. Andrew - and my 2 very good friends Andreea and Andrei are far away (in Timisoara, to be more exact), I'll offer them these cute virtual gifts: some egg-warmers for their winter yummy breakfasts.
For her - the Nesting Owl and for him - the Toasty Ghosty, 'cause they're real fun. And by the way...did I mention I found these in the baby/children section? :)

see more at modamuse.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

exquisite DYI

love to cutomize?

If personalized items are just your cup of tea and you love to let your self shine through every little thing you do or own, we've got good news!
Here's a nice service offered by Thorntons, the luxurious chocolate producers. Have a problem with dark chocolates? Or almond? Or vanilla? (Yes, I know it seems impossible not to like these sweet aromas, but some people just can't stand some fillings or coverings). Then you need to make your own box of chocolates, only with the stuff you love! Just enter the site and you can choose from a large variety of delicious-looking pieces. And even more, you can choose the box you like and a personalized message - Christmas is coming up and maybe you can surprise someone (or just keep the tip in mind for Valentine's).



Truly a fashion masterpiece! Geeks will surely love these sweatpants from SCOTTEVEST, but I'm sure others will appreciate them, too. Ever wanted to get out for a jog but had no way of storing keys, mobile phones or the like?
Well, those days are over - and now you can stuff your pockets with even more (tech or not) accessories than you'd imagine!
These pants have all they need for a casual look, a comfy feel and a truly useful outfit. They have 11 (yes, 11!!!!!!!!!!!) inside pockets you can stuff to death and still not look bulgy, with magnetic closures that enable you to open/close them quickly, without the zipper problems.
Wow! Need more arguments to check them out? Then you're truly not in the target for the lounge pants!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

skating - flamboyant style

for boys and girls alike

You know how crazy about design we can sometimes get - and, well, TODAY is that sometimes for me! I just found these super-cute skating decks at pop cling and I thought you could not miss such super-cute artwork!
You're looking at Leila (brunette, red blouse), Aislin (also kinda' brunette, red boots) and Natesa (non-brunette, red hair) - all 3 the creation of designer Luke Feldman.
We agree with the producers that these limited edition decks are more like art objects - as the graphics can grind down under heavy skating - and it's also a pity to put these girls to any use.
They're for looking at :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006


peel your way into reading

First, I'll take just a second to ask you if you still enjoy the "i" thing. I mean (pun intended or not) - come on: iPod, iMac, iLife...and now iLove??????!!!!!??????
OK, I understand Apple used this lowercase wovel as a prefix for its products and it was a hit - but people, immitating IS NOT ANYMORE the sincerest form of flattery :)
The "i" thing is really good for addressing consumers on a more personal level - but it was like...taken. Aren't you bored with this transcending ther trend stage already and beginning to look over-used?
And now the good thing :) Australia's got a new concept kicking in the stores: the magazine-on-a-bottle. As you can see above, you take a bottle of water and...there it is: a 32-page glossy magazine with news on fashion, beauty, nightlife, relationships and so on.
It's a great idea - targeting the women on the go. And let's admit it, girls, apart from the naming part (see above), it's a fab idea: who doesn't need water and a bit of gossip?

via couture in the city.

double the fun

practical beauty in your pocket

Today I'm in a really funky disposition, so I'm gonna ask you to take a look at this really cute collection of mirror keychains made by designer John Giordani.
They come in a rich variety of designs (but mostly fluffy cats). I've chosen the Plenty-O-Plaid and the Cute Green Kitten for exemplification.

via The Curiosity Shoppe.

Monday, November 20, 2006


cutest stationery ever!

The Sugar Lily stationery sets are really irresistible! They're printed on high quality card stock and can serve you well on any occasion: whether you're writing to a funny friend or to a serious business partner (no, let's be honest: you can only use them on funny friends).
Have your set with 8 sheets of paper, 4 envelopes and 8 stickers. Yes, that means that you might have to write 2 pages to each friends, but as they say - long copy is better than short copy :)

mixing it up... fight preconceptions

According to popular belief, you should not mix your grapes and your hop when drinking - but this might be soon over!
Recently showcased at the Beertopia World Beer Festival in New York, the Champagne Lager (or Champagne Beer - as it is called in the US) was a real hit, showing that you can be both glamorous and laid-back whenever you feel like it.
Unique in its category, with a cool attitude and a stylish packaging, it looks like this will be a case of love at first sip!

via trend hunter magazine.

autumnal decor... your house

Isn't it great to wander on the streets, swishing through the leaves on the ground? Why not have the same feeling at home - and in any season? Just take a look at these beauties from the Leaf Project (by RemyVeenhuizen). The two guys (Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen, who else?) took design to a new dimension - one that's engaging and thought-provoking.

via inhabitat.


a new rabbit in town

An inspired PR move from Volkswagen at the opening of Kidrobot's new store in LA. The Dunny Edition Rabbit (above) was created to support the artist and to bring even more fame to the featureless, ready-to-customize vinyl toy, Dunny.
The outside of the VW - in glossy black - was covered with a repeating pattern depicting Dunny, while the interior had the same rabbit on the seating surfaces, combined with green accents.

Car customizing seems to be the "it" thing right now, although it has really gotten a bit boring lately. But we like this one (we have a special thing for Dunny:))and we think it's nice to sometimes try things that are "at the intersection of pop art and auto culture"*.

*from the VW press release

via auto blog.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

applied arts

...happy colours in a limited edition

Great design by Jon Burgeman - these funny characters are here to brighten up your day in a contemporary picasso-esque way! Don some cute art and you'll spice your look up in a sec - 'cause yes, black is boring!

via Tokyo toy store.

do we love or hate kids?

...we haven't decided yet

Do you ever look at super-cute children clothes or accessories and wish they made those in your size, too? Sometims life isn't get much more fun out of their fashion. Just look at the hearts belt, the panda backpack or the panda earmuffs (our favourites :)) above. Now you see what I mean?

all beautiful things from Gymboree.

holding the gun under your pillow?

home decor for the ever-prepared

It's a nice present (especially for guys) and a funky buy for everyone who feels the need to feel safer while sleeping. Find the 100% cotton black-and-white-comic-book-looking gun-pillow at gama-go for a good price.

watch out...

...for the most embarrassing fashion trends of the past 25 years!

Pictured here, the Zubaz pants - a kind of baggy trousers that looked silly, but had some success in the early 90's. If you're curious about other trends that made the black list, find here writer's Matt Dinniman's post pointing all of them out.
You gotta know what sucks to know what rocks! (or something like that :))

via grow a brain.

looking good...

...police style

Seems that the Firenze Polizia has been sporting a new look lately. Some might find it funny, while others might think it's great. All I can say is that on the tight&narrow streets of Florence (where scooters abound) this kind of a vehicle is more than welcome.

see it on flickr.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the mad scientist... alive and kicking

Ever heard your body is the most valuable thing you own and you should take good care of it? Well, forget the second part - but part 1 might just become true! Here's a book we found today...we were sooooo sad we weren't so mad to write it in the first place!!!! But, uh...there's always tomorrow...and who knows what we'll be cooking next?
Still, let's focus on the reading at hand. If the cover illustration looks like comics to you, think again! This is a serious book - talking about how to sell bone marrow, blood plasma, hair, breast milk and other byproducts.

We don't reccomend you get into this business (now seriously!!!!), but it might be a fun reading - please, please tell us if you've ever put your hands on this book.


black eyes...

...don't suit you well

That's why you should buy the Max Factor mascara, a water-resistant variant that won't start running off your eyes the moment rain starts pourring in. Nice media innovation.

via advertising/design goodness.

punk's not dead...

...or somethin'

Punkyish styles are really big right now and we think that anyone can pull off this look. All you need is a bit of imagination and the help of ratkiss! accessories.
Pictured above - the Snail Pal and the Bats necklaces - made from recycled bottle caps and magnified images inside.
A cool gift, a fun buy and a crazy attitude!

herding is the new thing


A life-sized sheep in your bedroom/living room/kitchen maybe(?)...that's a good investment, for the price of only 900$!
I think everyone remembers the pigeon seats we posed a few days ago. Well, now it's time for sheep lovers (and there are quite a few out there, if you're wondering...) to get their revenge!
This stool looks...fluffy, with real sheep-skin over wood and with leather ears. It's a great buy, because you get a cool-looking piece of furniture and youe kids get all the fun in the world with their new toy! 2-in-1 products never looked better!
And you can even get your sheep grazing - but don't worry about those carpets...they won't suffer a bit!

Seen at moss.

lifestyle advice...

...for candy lovers

Being trendy is not only about dressing cool and going out to the hottest places! It also means eating the best! Here's a proposal I know the coolest of you will take on eagerly, because - and we can't stop repeating it - skulls are IN!

These skull candies come in 3(Blanca - white chocolate, Red Fire - black chocolate and Barcelona - milk chocolate) and they're inspired by the Mexican traditional "Dia de los Muertos" holiday. Although Halloween is a little far behind these days, don't think you can't enjoy the stylish design of the Vosges confectionery!

a balanced diet

mixing food and style

Still EATING your cereals? Well, that's soooo yesterday! The cuties above are made by Tiffany's - but not that Tiffany's :) - it's Tiffany Tomato Design we're talking about!
Made out part of sterling silver, part of cereals dipped in a protective covering - so they don't melt and stick to your face - the Good Morning Loops are just what you need if you like to look fit!

Look for them on pixelgirlshop.

what will you be doing this winter?


Fighting? Yes! Cold weather doesn't mean everybody has to get grumpy and grey! OK, we know grey is a "must" this season, but come on...don't overdo it!
A cute colorful scarf is exactly what you need to stay warm and stylish, too.
These candylike hues are so funny and bright that everyday will feel like a playground!
So don one of the hand-crocheted scarfs made by Cotton Candy Vomit: we personally like the "Mushrooms" theme and the "Rainbow", but there's more where these came from :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

a pin...

...pour homme

Pins and brooches are really "in" this season - but sometimes men are a bit afraid to sport them. But here's the news! Guys can accessorize, too!
With the new ribs resistance, you'll be totally fashionable. They look loke army decorations and come in several models, so many that you'll surely find one to suit you just fine!
Use them to add the "hip" factor to any casual look or to dress down a rigid suit!

via comme un camion.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

art for the masses

do you want an autograph with that, too?

Now that almost every cell phone has an incorporated camera, the only things missing from a street photographer's arsenal are the Gummi Phone Camera Lenses.
They come in three (Kaleidoscope, Vignette and Stretch lense), providing special effects for your each and every photo. Just attach them to your camera by using the Gummi "ring" - a rubber attachment that will virtually fit any camera phone.


spaghetti eaters, rejoice!

And while we're talking about methods that will keep you away from looking goofy while eating, here's the self-twirling fork!
Now you can stop the applause and listen on: from now on, this fork will make spaghetti-eating a piece of...cake!
Just by using 2 AA batteries for power and turning your fork on, you get all the spaghetti you want at 22 revolutions per minute - no fuss included! It seems this is the optimal speed for twirling, try THAT with your bare hands!
The only sad thing in this story: you still have to lift your hand to eat - but it seems they're working on that, too!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

we advise you to...


Can't get used to eating with chopsticks, no matter what you do? Well, that's all right - just today I heard about a guy who couldn't even use the fork and there's even worse, you see?
But, hey! No need to despair. We've got the perfect replacement: the clothespin chopsticks (pictured above, a set from CB2). They come in various shapes and colours and you only have to decide on the ones you like more!

P.S.: If you want to stick to the old fashioned method, we can only point you to this tutorial. But we'll know you when we see you: you'll be the one running after the sushi...

that's news

beauty from within

Fancy a little gummy bear treat or flavoured water? Have you ever heard these are bad for you, they make you fat, give you zits and so on?
Well, we're saying they can help you! They're clarifying, age defying, replenishing, firming, anti aging and skin calming.
But only if you buy them from BORBA, the brand that seems to take its promise seriously: "Healthy skin from within".


fun, fun, fun - party in the subway

Who said the subway was boring? Well, think again! The latest trend in partying is taking your friends to --no, not the coolest club in town -- but the subway train!
The illicit pleasure of having fun on the move is just great and attracts lots of people, as we can see in the article above, published by Canadian Dose Magazine. The initiators of the "Ride the Rocket" party in Toronto are Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken from newmindspace and theyseem to be having a lot of fun while doing it!

It's a new type of flash mobbing and it seems to be growing on everybody! This phenomena was also reported in New York, Berlin, London and some other hip places.

All subway fun is great, but theme parties are our favourite!

healing with style

just add a little bling

I'm sure especially our skater (or stunt double - if there's any...) friends will appreciate this post. Well, this is for you, the ones that sometimes get a sprained ankle, a twisted arm or some broken (little) body parts.
We hope it will never happen, but life is tough sometimes and we have to be prepared. So here's the thing: we just "stumbled" over some b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l bandages and plasters from Fabian Seibert.
No matter your style - colorful, stylish or minimalist - you'll have a great time strutting your healing device.
And yes, those ARE Swarovski crystals on those plasters!

via pop gadget.

'tis the season... wear tweed

And if you love houndstooth, tartan or herringbone so much that you need more and more everyday, buy one of these more-than-desirable pigeon seats by londonese Lorna B Hughs Designs.