Friday, November 30, 2007

it's getting cold... let's bundle up!
I dunno what's up with my obsession for all things writeable these days, but I think I might as well accept it. I'm totally crazy about all kinds of cute journals, notebooks and so on. It's probably because I've been drawing and writing so much lately, I almost need a new notebook each month.
But I guess it's OK, as long as it's such a pretty and not-at-all-harmful addiction :P
So today I stumbled upon these cozy Bundle Up Journals from Anthropologie: 4 models, all wrapped up in beautiful fairisle cotton covers. If you dress warm for winter, shouldn't you take care of your belongings, too? :)
And as long as it's not snowing just yet, I think these journals can instantly transport you to a winter wonderland. Can you hear the jingle bells?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

don't even...

...get me started :)

Yeah, it's one of those days again :) Well, I won't be a bore and tell you how many things/people got on my nerves today, how working in advertising can be fun (if only they'll let you WORK) and how friendly I can (NOT) be to ****stupid***** clients who don't care about the right way to do things, but only think of PTA (protecting their ass, that is). Oh, well, I just did :)
But lucky me! Whilst surfing the net, I found these very cool aromatherapy candles for one's every ailment.
What's your favorite? I looooove Version 2.0, Co-dependent and Placebo. But I probably need to use Chill-out's ylang ylang and lavender essences to better-ify my mood. Cool, baby.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

now this is...

...above and beyond cool :)

Actually, we really don't know how to categorize this thing, so there you go. Make up your own mind about it! A restaurant in Taipei makes yukky feel yummy - or something like that. It's a toilet-themed restaurant (yeah, you heard right!) that serves poop ice-cream to people seating on toilet chairs. I guess it's pretty fun, if your initial vomiting sensations can be surpassed!

your favorite present...

...could be right here
So do you fancy an emerald necklace? Or maybe a renaissance style sapphire and diamond fringe necklace? Or maybe you've got your eyes on that stunning diamond piece...
Well, be careful what you wish for...'cause you might actually get it!
Irina Blok has everything you want - all wrapped up in the gorgeous Wishlist Necklace. It's such a great and simple idea! That's if you're not a snob and you have a sense of humor, of course. Otherwise, why would you even be around here in the first place? :)


...Xmas is almost here!

( Last year's card )
So you know we've got contacts, right? High contacts, that is :)
For example, we know the NOPERATOR - and you know you're soooooooooper-envious.
But hey, there's your chance to grab a unique original NOPER piece. Just go to his blog, leave your address there and hope for the best. we hear it's a limited offer, so CLICK!, CLICK!, CLICK! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

take your clothes... unexpected heights
Wouldn't you love a few days in the mountains? Well, if that's not possible for now, due to work or other stuff, do as we do: dream of it by hanging this cool object on your wall.
The Mountain Coat Range from Brave Space Design brings the snow-capped mountain peaks into your home, so it's almost the same as being there.
Well, not exactly :) But at least it's one step closer to the week-end.

Thursday, November 22, 2007 arms!

Got an oversized clutch? NO? Hummmmmmm...
Better buy one soon, then! And I found the perfect one today: the Medallion Clutch from Mod Cloth. Cable knit, cotton lining and a beautiful vintage medal as decoration.
Winter's trends all rolled up into one beautiful hand piece - for just $44.99.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


...un peu du fromage?
Well, my French is not the best ever, but I can still appreciate some good old French cheese :)
This morning, for example, I just ate some delicious goat cheese and I realized I should be getting more dairy products into my diet and get rid of all that meat. But enough about my eating habits. In fact, I wanted to tell you about these great Camembert Cheese Clocks made by Daniel Foulachon. They are really made out of camembert cheese boxes and are manufactured in Paris. You can choose between the "Black Cat", the "Tour Eiffel" and the "Fox and Crow". Don't they look cool?

Friday, November 16, 2007

I need...

...more shoes!

Don't you? Doesn't everybody? Well, OK, not "need", but "want". But it's almost the same thing :)
I don't understant people who buy tons of black and brown shoes. Don't get me wrong, the idea of buying a "shoe" just for the sake of it doesn't really get me up and going. But shoes like these...well, it's impossible to decide which one to buy! That's why the selection above was pretty hard to make.
Their name is NDEUR SHOES and you can find them on etsy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

a very... initiative
I'm wondering...are you by any chance chewing on bubble gum at this moment? Yeah? OK...and what are you planning on doing with it afterwards? Throw it away?
Good! But you might be surprised to find out that chewing gum can now be recycled. Designer Anna Bullus invented Gumnetic - an innovative material made from used chewing gum and bio resin. And she used Gumnetic to create the Bubble Gum Bin, which collects raw material - in the form of discarded chewing gum - in order to use it for other bins with the same destination.
Pretty cool? We think so. And imagine all those gum-free shoe soles...
via Inhabitat.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I think this is...

...totally genius!

The works of Meredith Dittmar really prove that kids should be given loooooooooots of clay and left to play with it loooooooooots of hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everything you ever wanted to know...

...about the subway

These last 2 days I've had to travel by subway and I'm telling you...the Bucharest subway at noon is a big no-no! I mean...not only do the people push you in order to get "first" in the train, but it's also not very attractive nose or eye-wise.

In fact, it sucks. I got pushed around until I got sick and I also noticed the guy BEHIND me was prepared to use his entrance card BEFORE I could use now, I don't like the subway up close and personal.
But if you come to think of it, it really isn't so a concept. So it was nice to explore Metro Bits - a cool collection of stuff about subways all over the world.

If you're curious about the logos in different countries, about interesting metro stations or even different sounds used for "departure" or "next station" messages, this is the place for you to dig.


...with style

Urban style, that is. HARVEST is a Japanese brand that makes all kinds of cool stuff to decorate your clothes or house with. And more than that, they make them out of old skateboards! Too cool, we say. This is their site and this is the blog - a bit hard to read, though, unless you know Japanese. But nevertheless, great to look at.

just make it...


Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about cars and I realized something. My passion for all things British was never a secret to me (or others, for that matter), but I never thought it stretched to cars as well. In fact (and I know guys will hate me for saying that), I don't really care about cars :)

Oh, well, in fact it's not that I don't care, but I'm not really passionate about the subject and I can't drool over a car as other people do. But what I realized is that I love English cars! I do! They are so cute and look really cool. They're just precious!

Well, today I found these great Paul Smith notebooks and...i fell in love. I can't have enough of them, I'm a Britaholic!!!!!!

What will it be? The Union Jack or the Striped Mini? Hmmm...I guess both for me.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

do you fancy...

...a vintage plant?

Lately, "vintage" has earned a permanent presence in our vocabulary (and lives, btw). Wearing vintage clothes, collecting vintage accessories...vintage cars, vintage interior design objects and so on. But what about plants? Well, here's a project that "aims to give the plants some deserved recognition" :)
Founded in May 2006 by Markus Bergström and Byggstudio, Vintage Plant is a very interesting journey in the life of plants and their owners. Here you can buy and sell a herbal friend - or read their stories. Plants aren't usually regarded as being important, but if you "connect" with their lives, you might learn to appreciate these silent chlorophyllians.

never too old... play?
Playgrounds for the elderly - the latest Japanese invention. And a great one, too!
In a rapidly aging society like the Japanese one, initiatives like this one come in handy for old people. They are really good for helping them keep fit and prevent injuries - build more muscle, develop flexibility and generally keep in shape. And all these, just by playing! :)
Since 2004, Tokyo's Chiyoda Park houses several Nursing Care Prevention Parks in which one can find light exercise machines like the ones above.
A very sweet and healthy concept, don't you think?
via PingMag.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

do the...

...kiddy dance

This is a very very sweet concept from Sala Shop. Ever seen somebody trying to teach a child to dance? The little feet on their feet, moving together. Funny and "awwwww"-material at the same time. Well, here's the designer version. Matching shoes for a perfectly synchronized boogie.

via Babygadget (well, who says if you're little you don't need gadgets?:) )

Monday, November 05, 2007

drop me...

...a mouse in the mailbox

So how was Halloween for all of you, guys? We had an office party, I met an old friend and talked late in the night and - pretty much - had fun. I tried to dress up as Minnie Mouse, but people told me I looked like a girl from the 20's or...a rabbit. That was obviously because of my DIY Minnie hat, whose ears might not have been ...errr... perfect. But anyway...that's OK, next year, I'll be prepared.

But talking about's an invitation to the Halloween party by Addie+Suzanne :)
By the looks of it (remember Garet Pugh's mouse cape?), the little rodents are going to be big this year! :)