Friday, April 27, 2007

if you only do the things you believe in or the ones you like, you won't get anywhere...

...someone said to me today

Well, with all due respect, I prefer not to "get anywhere" than to give these up. So please excuse me, but I will continue to do some funny brooches for burp and I will continue loving them.
Even if I take the afore mentioned risks.

But it sure feels good :)
P.S.: here's a question to all my friends - what do you thing, guys, will I get somewhere? :)

office art...

...made simple
This is a great idea if you're looking to enliven the looks of your office - at least a little bit! Got any business cards? Of course you do (who doesn't?)... Are you drowning in business cards? Well's the thing for you. Instead of keeping them in the oh-so-yesterday-and-therefore-so-uncool rolodex, make a wall picture out of them!
It's a great way to put your creativity to use and to give these cards a well-deserved space in your working environment. true! Aren't you just glad you kept them all? :)
As seen on jrsavy's blog.

put your best foot forward...

...with these unbelievably beautiful shoes
I must admit, I'm in love! And who wouldn't be? I found the most beautiful shoes ever at Terra Plana, the most innovative and sustainable designer shoe brand in the world - as they are positioned.
By using chrome free leathers, vegetable tanned leathers and recycled materials, Terra Plana also makes extra-gorgeous products that leave everybody awe-struck.
If you're not convinced bu the examples above, I dare you to visit their online store and prove me wrong.

for all the sleepy heads... this world
Yes, it's true! You can now wake up in the morning AND feel good!
Are you one of those types that go to sleep late, but have to wake up in time for work and hate the feeling of grogginess and low-energy? Take my boyfriend, for example. This morning, I called him at about 9.30 and woke him up - and guess what? He had a meeting at 9!
(OK, OK, I'm like that, too, but it's not OK to admit that, is it? :) )
So whether you like to accomodate this thought up front or not, we're still showing you this great invention: the I'm-not-a-morning-person's best friend.
NO, it's not coffee - or at least, not quite.
The cute guys from ThinkGeek had a great idea: why not make a caffeinated soap that will progressively let out caffeine and let it get absorbed by your skin? This way, you'll start a great day and you'll get your caffeine boost from the shower.
The Shower Shock soap is a vegetable-based glycerine soap, does not contain any harsh ingredients and works! So, if you just woke up and feeling dizzy, go here immediately!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

(2) don't know, don't care... not an option, not even for kids!
And speaking of a greener attitude, here's something really cute that I found today on curious pig. It's a 2004 children's book - Mottainai Grandma - written by Mariko Shinju.
Mottainai is the thoughtful Japanese word that describes a feeling of love and compassion towards the gifts from nature or someone who made the product. The closest English word to Mottainai is “What a waste!” / “Do not waste!” (in a situation where a thing is being wasted or being used without good care and consideration).
Here's an excerpt:
Mottainai Grandma is coming!Leftover food on the plate.
Last grains of rice stuck to the bowl.She will come and say, “Mottainai!”“So much food left - mottainai! May I eat?”
Munch munch gulp gulp llick lick“Oh, you have more rice grains sticking to your face. Mottainai!”And she licked my face all over……“Let me lick more!” lick lick lick
Splash splash Leaving the water running. She will come and say, “Mottainai!”“One cup of water is enough! Don’t Waste it - mottainai !”
When I throw away mandarin peels, she will come and say “Mottainai!”“Dry them in the sunshine. Put them in the bathtub.Mandarin peels will make you feel so good!”“A warm and sunny mandarin bath!"
Mottainai Are you sure you are not doing anything mottainai?
Well now, it's really funny and all, but it also shows us that kid should learn these things from an early age. Because once you get used to wasting, it's hard to change!

(1) don't know, don't care...

...days are SO PASSÉ!
Being careless about other problems than your own and only thinking about YOUR well-being is now over! Egotistic behaviours are rapidly dissappearing...but what comes next? Well, the altruist way of living - caring for others, protecting the environment, thinking about sustainability in every action.
Looking up to Hollywood stars that march for "green" causes, adopt children from poor countries and always support social campaigns, big companies jumped in on the trend and really made big steps.
Not long ago, we were showing you a brand of organic jeans. Now, this trend has gotten bigger than ever!
H&M and Marks&Spencer are just two examples in favor of this argument. Both companies have taken a green approach - H&M launched an organic clothing line and Marks&Spencer promised to continue their environmentally aware practices in order to achieve extraordinary results by 2012. And now, The Body Shop launched the Bag For Life, using $2.00 from each bag to support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I already got this bag and I'll be using it in supermarkets instead of their plastic bags. No, thank you, no more plastic for me!
What about you?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

button up...

...and charm away
Sorry for the lack of posts latelt, but I've been pretty sick and had no time to blog (all my free moments were spent whining about the earache I had - a real pain in the ***, I tell you!). But that's all over now, and here I am, back and better, ready to find pretty stuff again and share it with you.
Today it's time for two super-cute shell button necklaces from A.K.A. Design (one in pinky shades and a multicoloured other). The buttons are attached to a sterling silver chain and work perfectly with a casual attire.
Well, this reminded me of a good friend of mine that bought a necklace made out of buttons some time ago and we all laughed at her. We thought it was funny and some even said they wouldn't go out of the house wearing that. What's with the attitude, people?
To be true, I don't advise anyone to wear these statement accessories. Unless they're cool.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

dress (and get a bottle of wine)... impress
Romantics everywhere, unite!
Candle light, good food, music and a good wine...oh, wait! WINE?!?!?!?
Fact is a lot of people have problems with matching the right wine to the right type of food. The connaisseurs say pairing really matters - and we're not here to disagree!
Now, the "Wine That Loves" is available for all those in need, with a great promise: you'll never find yourself in the position of not knowing what wine goes with what food. Now you can just look at the bottle and get it right the first time around!

please your mom...

...and still have it YOUR WAY!
What do kids loathe? Drinking plain white milk for breakfast everyday. What do moms need? Seeing their kids finish up the good stuff in their glasses.
What did Aristotle teach us to do? Choose the "Middle Way" in our actions.
OK, you don't see any connection between them, do you?
The middle way in this case would be called "Sippah" - the milk flavouring straws that wake up the milk! The straws contain flavoured beads that dissolve in the drink while you sip through them and give it a great taste of whatever you like - be it chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana, choc mint, toffee, apple or cookies and cream.
Find more stuff about it here.
via this next.

Friday, April 13, 2007

attention! This table...

...will self-destruct
If you're looking for the coolest table around, you've found it! It might look pretty simple to you, but the concept behind it is truly special.
This table will self-destruct is the name of a Studio 1 a.m. project that combines the uniqueness of an one-off project with the efficiency of mass production. Made out of white portland cement, white marble and silica sand blend, this table is based on the idea of constantly removing one pixel when creating a new product. Therefore, each time a new table is produced, the shape changes and the self-destruction process goes one step further, making each product unique and eye-catching. Given this concept, it's obvious the tables come in a limited edition, for as long as the shape is desirable. The number of pixels removed is 3 at this moment. Buy it here at $ 1200.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

a girl's got to do...

...what a girl's got to do
What's the famous triangle every woman loves? No, not the Bermuda one... No, not the equilateral one...come on!
It's the candies - long baths - shopping thing! And today we've just stumbled upon the most delicious stuff ever on bathed & infused. It's the extra creamy cocoa butter bath truffles that soften your skin and the ice cream Fusion Bombs, with lots of super-yummy scents that are a treat for both your body and your senses.
Going back to the mathematics thing above, the equation for making a woman happy is pretty simple: you go out, shop for these, eat the cookies up with your eyes and then drop them in the bath for some fun time.
Pretty simple, huh?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I know your a copywriter...'s the jewelry!
You know what they say, that clothes and accessories betray you and speak about your personality and all. You'd better believe all this stuff! It's true... Even more, they can also indicate your job.
Take the ones above, for example: don't you think they're perfect for a copywriter? Or anyone who works with letters, anyway...
If you ever feel the need to mix words with your fashion, see Jeanine Payer's A-mazing jewelry here.

Friday, April 06, 2007

too cute to wear... work too much
These gorgeus Tees are solely for your free time! You have to enjoy them completely and wear the prints in pride! Buy them for only £ 18 each from Topshop.
But still...can anyone say which one is cuter?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

logo bigger... killer!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! We are soooooo sick of designer monograms and logos covering everything from bags to Tees to jeans to panties!
That's why we completely salute and welcome any and every initiative against the horrid invasion. People, dressing yourselves in logos is so passé (really :)).
Although I'm not the most diplomat person in the world (as some may know), I was trying to fight this logo mania in a peaceful way. But here's a thought from Alex + Chloe, refusing the Mr. Nice Guy technique.
The Coco is Dead necklace comes in a variety of forms: Knife Fight (above), Bullet Holes and Buried Alive. See them all in here. We still can't decide which one is funkier.
They're super cool and should be worn as a manifesto - we don't like to be branded, thank you very much! We prefer originality.

April fools…

…all month long
On the first, I was too busy celebrating my b-day and telling everyone “Yes, it’s true, it’s my birthday!”, so I didn’t get too much time to fool anybody. Not even one single soul! I’m pretty ashamed to say, but even my grandfather laughed at me when he heard this...
So I thought I’d make up for the lost time – and I’m pretty sure there are others in the same situation. Or if not, remember, you could (and probably should) have fun all month long :)
Here’s something that might help you play a prank on your friends. Get them over for some tea or something, line them up and take a pic! They might be surprised at their new looks and the expression “hey, dog!” might just get a new meaning. Mug with dog, rabbit or pig face at
thorsten van elten.

Monday, April 02, 2007


...this is your office
The cool stuff you see above is a Büro North project done for Inside's magazine issue on "Creative Spaces". The team thought of a creative explosion - a 3D flow of ideas bursting in an otherwise austere office space. This concept was based on the thought that creativity isn't truly influenced by the surroundings, but it comes from within.
Pretty nice.


...TO US!
April is really an important month here at dotting. Both the blog and I are a year older.
I got all my presents on my birthday (April 1st, that is) and now it's time to give a big present to all of you.
As I couldn't really decide which one is cooler, I thought I'd give you the whole bunch. So here they are: the sweet colorful brooches from burp!
Hope you enjoy.

mirror, mirror on the wall...

...this doesn't look like me at all!
No, it's not the everyday cry for help when you look in the mirror - the "I'm too fat / I've got a pimple/ There's the first grey hair..." type of complaint. In fact, this is a fun mirror, one that makes you laugh (at yourself and with others) all the time.
The Snapshot pocket mirror from Atypyk gives you instant access to happiness, as you look at yourself and see funny faces.

cleaned the house? fed the dog?

Because we're all living a super-agitated life and we never have time for anything - much less for the dreaded house chores (bleeaaaaaah!!!!!!!) - there's an online solution for everything. Need to give flowers to someone? Dress yourself? Eat? The www is always ready to help - whether you're too busy or too lazy.
So you're sharing a place with some friends (who always balk washing the dishes and taking out the trash)? Or your family just "forgets" to help around the house?
Now you can take advantage of the coolest tool in the city, the Chore Buster! It's a free, easy tool for planning cleaning schedules, organizing people and giving everybody a fair share of the work.
Here's how you do it:
1. Enter in people and chores
2. Specify how hard / undesirable each chore is
3. ChoreBuster generates a fair schedule of chores
4. Schedule emailed to you weekly - no need to log in