Thursday, January 31, 2008

new art...

...for greeting Spring indoors
The sun keeps shining these days and I can't help thinking of Spring. I dunno why, but I get so much energy just from looking out the window :) Right now, it's super-busy at work, so I have to stay inside. But that's OK for now. Inside can be sunny, too. The beautiful artwork of Dipped Joy would look just great on the office walls! It's got such a gloomy-but-somehow-funny vibe :) I love it!
P.S.: For all of you who think you saw a connection between "work" and "gloomy" - come on, guys!!!!! :)

take a look... this book
We're speechless.
If these aren't the most wonderful books you have ever seen, don't write to Dinu Bodiciu at or at :)

via stiupecineva.

the joy...

...of recycling
Who doesn't like vintage stuff - whether it's fashion or home decoration? Well, besides the good looks and inherent "stories" these objects come with, let's give them a big plus for the environmental-friendliness.
Yup, they also do nature a lot of good - why chop yet ANOTHER tree for a new chair, when you can refurbish a lovely piece you already own or can get almost for free?
Take the example of Alabama Chanin, a wonderful design studio that mixes new, organic and recycled materials in order to create superb works of art.
The above piece is made out of old, handmade kitchen chairs (circa 1900) and woven recycled men's ties.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

forget the baby steps...



...bring it on!

Well, you know how we really love Bored Inc. - and we could try NOT to over do it, but they just won't let us :) Their funny characters don't give us any option but to love them even more! And now they've just come out with 2 lines of onesies and toddler tees featuring SAVE OUR SUSHI and STINKY POO cuties. Yeah, I'll just have to wait until these funny faces get on bigger clothes :) But you can still buy them for your kids. Don't have any yet? Well, it's time to start thinking about one - unless you can resist this much sweetness!!!!!!!!! :)
P.S.: I personally love Dim Sum, Lil' Dumpling and Poo-Quito. What's your fave?

See more here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

black and white...

...go a long way

I'm just working on a campaign in which we're using black and white as THE colors.
Because someone thought that's the classiest combination ever...
Of course, as with everything in this world, I have to disagree with others in some aspect or another :) But it's not just that I'm picky or anything, I just like a good lil' debate :)

Now let's be serious. I just hate in when everybody goes "oh, yeah, that's classy" or "well, everybody knows black and white is stylish" and so on. Agreed. It CAN be stylish. With a good dose of fashion sense and with a nose for details - you CAN walk past the "waiter/waitress look" and join the "stylish" crowd. Or you can even take the black&white combo a step further - and use kitsch in order to be cool. But hey, it's much more than choosing something black, something white and immediately thinking "I CAN'T go wrong with that!".
So basically what I'm saying you CAN look awful dressed in something you think is "safe" - just because there is no such thing as being safe in fashion. And safe is boring, anyways.

So here's a little something that shows black and white can be more than "just safe": it can be cool, crazy, funky - but it's gotta be fun!
What's your favorite? The Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse sling-backs or the multifunctional Dog Face Watch & Keychain (still by Marc)?

the cutest gift...


Remember when we wrote about the beautiful Nesting Doll coin purse from Bored Inc.? Well, their sweet designer Courtney decided to make my winter holidays even better and sent me the package above! Isn't it great? OMG! I already told all my friends about it and the little doll's got tons of fans! :)
Plus, the Swan note is really cute as well. Thank yooooooooooooooouuu! :)
What's not to looooove about Bored Inc.?

Friday, January 18, 2008


...yet again

You know how much we like Atypyk's store. Looooooooooooove it, actually. You can always go there if you're in trouble (read: need to buy a gift and have NO idea) - and come up with something that will amaze everybody. Isn't it just cool when you don't need to break a sweat?

Well, the cheese and sausage sponges are a great combo for the next picnic with your friends.
Say you'll bring cheese and meat - and keep your word :) Though it might not be a funny idea if you're the only one bringing food - and you're somewhere far from the city, where department stores aren't really in sight. OK, that's a stupid prank. But that's my mood today. Funny weekend, y'all!

color coded...

...for spring

Zac Posen created the beautiful bag above. DHL participated as a partner in the process. The money obtained from the totes will be 100% donated to TeachersCount, a non-profit organisation that's dedicated to creating a culture of teacher appreciation.
Looking good - and for a good cause, as well. But I cannot stop wondering - even if they'd like to support the cause (THEIR cause), how many teachers will really afford this $400 bag?
Still, a good idea to also promote DHL by using its corporate colors on the bag.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


...on the road

Original/funky clothes that come to your doorstep? Humm...that's a cool concept! And it's for real! Hitch Couture does exactly that: travel the roads in search of people that look for special stuff. This mobile boutique is also available for private parties - your birthday, a girls' shopping day and whatever else comes to mind.
Isn't it wonderful?
Oh, well, and if you can't call them, you can always look for the beautiful things they sell in the online shop.
Shop, shop away!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the dream of a fashion stylist...

...and much more

I'm sure lots of you buy glossy mags not necessarily for the "interesting" content article-wise, but for the gorgeous pics inside. And you've probably dreamed of making cool combos yourself - and not only with the clothes in your closet.

Well, here's your chance to do your thang! Polyvore is a cool web-based tool that allows you to mix'n'match as much as you want to and to create collages with your fave things: clothes, accessories and lots of other objects.

I tried it myself with some BURP accessories (see above) - but do make sure you have lots of time on your hands when you start playing, 'cause it's frustrating to just stay there for a few minutes! Don't believe me? Well, see for yourselves.

and a bit of trompe l'oeil...

...if you please

What about an invisible shelf for your room? You can show it to all your friends the next time they visit - and get them curious about the method you used to stick those books on the wall! :)

buy here.

Monday, January 14, 2008

pet furniture...

...that'll make you jealous

Just yesterday I was watching a Tv show where a family wanted their house decorated in a "modern" and "stylish" way, but on a budget - obviously. Well, I wasn't really impressed by the result (read: it wasn't a pretty sight), but it got me thinking. Lots of people misunderstand the word "modern". But that's not the case for pets, mind you!

They truly appreciate the idea of having a comfy, great-looking place just for themselves. And if you don't believe us, check out the happy faces of the pets pictured at Hepper. Wouldn't you like your furry one to benefit from the maximum coziness these beds have to offer?

yummy breakfast...

...all day long

Eating fried eggs only in the morning? Nonsense! You can eat them all day long, and these cute French candies are the proof you needed. Yummy indeed - and with a super-funny packaging, as well. (I'm beginning to feel bad because I thought only the Japanese were the masters of cool packaging.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

how would you like... write your favorite book?

I guess everyone had a "book crush" at least once and thought "I wish I'd written that!". Well now, that's not as impossible as it seems. The great idea of making new out of old came to the lovely team of Rebound Books because of their justified love for all things handmade and unique. Therefore, they look for old books in charity shops, take them home and use all their knowledge to make new notebooks out of them. But these notebooks are truly special, with their story-telling covers.
But Rebound Books can also make you a customized notebook - if you have a fave book you'd like to "write" in, just drop them a line and they'll probably be more than happy to oblige.

boys are tough...

...wearing rough

Come closer, this is truly heavy, my friends! We all know boys don't really go crazy for jewelry and stuff, but there just are some pieces nobody can resist!
Take these industrial-looking accessories by Raf Simons. The bracelet goes for the price of £75.00, while the ring can be yours at just £60.00.
Don't you feel like coming home from a construction site, with some heavy metal on your hands?
All in all, unique pieces with a very cool vibe. Rush to get them, as they're on sale!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

cute-ify yourself... that!

I'm a big fan of people behaving (or looking) like kids, even though they're well into adulthood. And this year I've especially admired the animal hats. You know Comme des Garcons' collection with Minnie Mouse inspired hats? Gorgeous, huh?

In fact, here's a little secret: I totally envy my 3 year old cousin, who has has all these beaaauuuutiful bunny eared caps or bear-like hoodies. And I think that's the common idea among people - except in Japan - that this kind of dress-up should be restricted to 3 year olds.

But hey, the wonderful picture above (via The Sartorialist) made me think "She looks great!". Obviously, as Sart says, the color combo is truly on-spot, but I also love the hat. Without it, I think the whole outfit would have missed the playful, naive bits. And that's in fact what makes it so great!

culture mix... in collectable form

Boym Partners' new design project is set to celebrate the different people of New York. Moishe, Nafisa, Mary, Chen and Jose are ready to come into your house for the price of $75 (the set). These cute figures made out of painted wood call themselves the "Babel Blocks" and truly give away a deep message, especially in these rather questionable days.

And if you thought they're kind of non-technological - because of the wood stuff - well, think again! Each and one of them has a personal MySpace page...and they've also made it to YouTube. You can see more of their life in the Big Apple here.

Monday, January 07, 2008

better late...

...than never

Well, you know I have a soft spot for cozies...and I cannot resist them, especially come winter time! I know Christmas is over and stuff, but I just bumped into these beautiful wine bottle cozies from Napa Style and I HAD TO POST THEM in here! They're indeed a cool alternative to bottle bags - and you'll surely get bonus points for that! And tons of smiles...

a little bit...

...of sweet

Australian designer Princess Tina makes some wonderful accessories! Today we stopped to admire this wonderful wooden brooch - a pretty mushroom pin that looks great on a winter coat.
It's a good day to buy yourself a gift, right? :)

via chocosho.

here's to...

...a very cool New Year!

Hi, guys! Hope you had a great time during the holidays. It's been pretty fun for us - and I dunno exactly why, but, personally, I'm feeling full of energy and ready to do "stuff". :)

No, I didn't exactly get a lot of sleep, but I guess that's what usually happens in the first days of the year. So I'm sure it's just temporary :)

Anyway, as most of us are already in the office by now, back to work, I thought a little bit of fun could come in handy. So here we go: did you know that the word "fuck" is actually an acronym - derived from the phrase "Fornicate Under Command of the King"?

Or that the sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English language? Or that the first popsicle was actually made in Rome?

Well, if you knew all that, you'are a smart ass and we greet you. Btw, hats off. What on Earth are you doing on this superficial blog? :)

But if you didn't and you'd like to learn more, you can always ask The Fact Lady. She'll sure have something interesting to say at any moment - unless she falls asleep and you have to be polite.