Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've got kind of a...

...stripey obsession
Looking through my closet yesterday, I noticed a slight problem. Stripes. They might not be a problem themselves, but hey, having one too many sure is!
So...I have striped Tees, scarfs, gloves, bags, dresses and shoes. And, obviously, striped bangles, earrings and some belts. I have horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, nautical stripes, small ones, thin ones, large ones, colorful ones, playful ones, strict ones and crazy ones. That's about it...I guess.
So I thought I need something to get me out of this stripey situation. Do you think this cute blouse from LalaLiu Designs will do it? I'm leaving for some fun office time tomorrow - 3 days of team building :) I'll be packing some stripes, that's for sure! After all, we're going to the seaside, right? :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

are you on pills...

...or something?

These days, we all know it's cool to go to rehab as often as possible, to be seen taking pills and stuff and feel like you just don't care. And because we want to help you live the trend and take the best out of it, here's something you might just like. If you go to Barcelona, be sure not to miss Happy Pills...a candy store! Yeah, you heard right. It's a super-funky candy store created by studio m. 'Cause you know, candies can make everything better! They're like...the new pink! Have a headache? Take a sweet jelly. Need some love? Suck on this candy and see the effect in 5 minutes. Sweet!

And for those who need sugar in their life all the time, there's a special package with doses for morning, afternoon, evening and late night. Or the survival kit, containing everything you might need in order to have a great time, no matter when, no matter where.

So, no questions asked. Just sweets. Lots of them. As many as you can take. So how's that for a change?

technology... the way to go!

It seems that lazy asses, who hate looking for clothes and accessories, are going to have a blast! Their prayers have been listened! A group of researchers from Keio University in Tokyo created the chameleon scarf, that adjusts its color in order to match the current outfit of the wearer. Wouldn't you like that? Read more about it here.

But until it comes out for sale, why not try this cute little necklace-scarf (above) from pirilamporiscado on Etsy?

Friday, September 21, 2007

this is for...

...the boys

I think every guy (and even some girls) thought about being a superhero at least at one point in his life! Think a 20-something yuppie from Bucharest. He had big dreams of being Superman (more or less with tights and a red cape, but still...) - or at least Batman? Well, he used to think he would save the world, but now he realizes he's just an ordinary boy - a job, a girlfriend, a car...but that's no fighting the Joker or giving someone a ride in the Batmobile!

Hmmmmm...can we help? Sure! We found this great superhero costume hanger at Comunistar Designers. Doesn't it look great? Just imagine: you get home at night, after a hard day's work, you open the closet to put your office clothes on a rack and...there you are! You get to feel like your fave comic book hero. It's your little secret, Clark!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I love my pets... much that I started WEARING them!!!!!!!

OK, by now, everybody's said something (bad) about Gareth Pugh's Spring 2008 collection - and especially that...hummmm...fake white mice collar. We totally understand weird-cool and toying with clothes, but we've also been through the "Puke!" [sorry, "Pugh!"] moment when seeing this collar. I guess it's the mice eyes that struck you out of all that white and generate a moment of repulsion.
But then again, you think - haven't I seen this before? Like in...the Fall of 1988? Yes, Jean Charles de Castelbajac did a wonderful job by sewing together 50 plush teddy bears on a cool coat that I remember talkin about some time ago. See the picture above. It's clear how our representations shape our fashion taste. When you see the teddy bear coat, you feel like "awwww...cute!" - and when you see the rat collar, you think "omg, this looks horrible!".
Why? Just because you got used to teddy bears by sleeping with them at night and you were taught to be afraid of mice or you dissected them during highschool biology classes? OK, this is not intended to be a manifesto. We're not saying you should like the rat thingie or wear it or anything else. Just think about it for a sec.
And then again, let's talk about it in fashion terms. It's fashion, right? And it's a fashion SHOW. It's supposed to stir up the interest and generate talks. It's not necessarily wearable. It's probably art. Some kind of weird art. Does it make it more acceptable if we call it this way? :)

I'm a rat, I know :)

pics courtesy of vogue.

Monday, September 17, 2007

not your usual...

Originally called Äúoreore-nai (meaning "Äúi cannot fold properly" in Japanese), these origami faces are all the rage! You can fold them in so many ways, as to create lots of different faces! Strange, crazy faces, that is! A pack of Strange Faces Origami comes with detailed instructions and only costs $8.95.

how cute...

...yet predictable in my case :)

School started today. Great. I miss those times. My cousin went to kindergarten, I'm curious how she's gonna take it. We all hate it until we become "adults".
But anyway, here's some deco idea for all you nostalgics out there. This is definitely how a girl's room should look.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

getting ready...

...for Halloween
These fun cards from Tamara Shopsin are inspired by a simple geometrical figure - the triangle. Besides being a great Halloween gift, they also have a funny message - it's great to see how a little change can make a whole lot of difference.

we match...

...right down to our bedding!
This morning I met with my favourite boy in the world and we noticed that we totally matched - and without any planning!
So we were both wearing jeans, sneakers, a striped blouse and a jacket on top of it (still, he was in black and grey, I was in brown and green)! It was a bit scary at first, but then we laughed about it and it was really fun.
That being said, why not try some cool - and matching - bed stuff from Boodalee? The "World in Pink" and "World in Teal" collections (pictured above) are just great for doing that, don't you think?

Monday, September 10, 2007

OK, now it's time to...

...get mature!!!!

So today I come to the office, I get in a meeting and...guess what! I'm told that one of the clients I work for thinks some interactions we proposed are "too childish". No need to argue they weren't, or they always give stupid feeedback or anything :)
I just need to look at something cute and childish to feel better. And if you're reading the blog, Madam L., THIS is childish! But then again, I guess you wouldn't be reading a "childish" blog, would you????
buy from etsy.

Friday, September 07, 2007

the colors...

...of the season
If you like this style and the colors, you should really purchase AT LEAST ONE of the brooches made by Beth Piver and Andy Vick. We are really really in love with them - and they're the perfect match to your autumn outfits!

autumn's here...

And because we're running low on mature chic after the last post, let's get back to our childish self! Soon, schools are going to open and I know kids can't wait to go back there :) But school's fun, if you have the right accessories to keep you happy while boring classes come and go. So what about the chococat wallet or the cinnamoroll notebook from the cute Sanrio shop?

cinch up...

...for the show

It's got to be wide to be hot this season! No, not your bod...your belt! The corset-belts designers proposed for autumn-winter are sure to make my friend Anca happy. But there are also other styles you can wear, if you only remember to keep them big.
- Frack Butterfly Belt from Paul&Joe;
- Punch Out Corset Belt from Topshop;
- Chiara Belt from Toast.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm a Barbie girl... a Barbie jewelry
Margaux Lange makes really unique jewelry out of Barbie dolls and their accessories. Who doesn't recognize the little plastic hands, the blue eyes and the smiley mouth with bright white teeth? Barbie is a style icon! And now...she's wearable!

get crazy...

...with accessories!
If you're in a playful mood and want to experiment a bit, why not try these Louboutins? Your feet will look like they've been swallowed by a toothy green fish, but you might totally like it. Buy from here for a price that's a bit spciy, but's not everyday you get to have so much fun!

for all you nature lovers...

...out there!
At this pace and with our "carefree" attitude towards the environment, we might soon realize there are no more trees on this planet of ours! (Sorry for the tone, but I've just seen some pictures with thousands of chopped down trees just chillin' near the road somewhere in the mountains in Romania, and they can really bring about some scary thoughts...)
But no need to worry! Designers really think of everything and there's a man-made alternative to everything we destroy (and then start to miss, but, oh well, it's too late...). So get happy together with us and buy yourself a "Shadow Tablecloth" from here. It has the reflection of a big, leafy tree on it and it will sure be a hit when Bucharest becomes a desert. Just imagine, you'll be the talk of the town when you go out for a picnic! :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i'll love you for like...

And because I think you're the cutest guy on earth and I want to move in with you, I think we should both bring something to our new crib. This is my choice: the Tide Chandelier, made by designer Stuart Haygarth. No, it's not called like this because of the washing detergent, but it has something to do with tides. It's all made up of stuff the author collected from the shore. Obviously, it took a few years to gather all the right objects that could be transformed into this beauty. So, what do you say?
Hum? You call this a "pile of junk"? I see you have no respect for art whatsoever! I think I'm not going to move in with you, after all. And yeah, I'll take my "pile of junk" with me, thank you very much!!!!

am I getting smaller...

...or are these pencils getting bigger?
A set of pencils like this one above could be really useful to a copywriter - it would last for a lifetime! But in fact these are not real writing instruments. They make up a coat rack that you can buy from Banal Extra and we find them delicious!

my fast and furious...

Vespa is a style icon by now. Everybody wants one, they look cute and they're the best alternative to cars, especially if you want to play the "romantic Italian" part in your personal play. But what if you can't afford one? Well, there's no need to buy the whole scooter, you can get this lamp from Lamponi and get the "Vespa" feeling in your house right away.

where does inspiration come from?

...your head!

Been a Barbie fan in your early days? Loving Paris Hilton recently? Craving for some "Angelli curls" (the hair-stylist name for long, blonde curly hair - as I recently found out)? Well then, you'll probably love these unique set of curtains. Oh, yeah, CURTAINS! Made out of silk by Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus, you can buy them here.