Friday, December 21, 2007

whatcha gonna wear...

...on New Year's Eve?

It seems the focus has moved from colors and lenghts to fabrics. And not any kind of fabrics, but organic ones.
So don't worry: you can probably dismiss all thoughts in the -"should it be a long dress or a mini one?" - "should I wear black or pink?" - "should I go for the Greek-godess style or should I choose minimal?" category and simply And by thinking green, we don't mean this is THE color of the party season. It's more than that: it'a a philosophy, it's a way of life. It's about saving water, recycling your trash and investing in the quality of life, rather than in the green envious looks you might get from others when wearing the "fancy" dress.
And it seems like designers agree. Some of them might be saying "forget the superficial stuff and get real" in a way that's both trendy and caring. Take Benhaz Sarafpour for example. Her latest capsule collection, shown at the NY Fashion Week, was made entirely by hand, using only natural and organic materials. She said in an interview for Inhabitat that the decision to make this collection was not just for the sake of getting media attention and looking "environmentally friendly", but because she really believes in doing good.
In the end, the motive doesn't even count that much, does it? But we're totally loving designers who care. So...if you didn't buy a party dress yet, think about alternatives.
And have yourself a Merry little Christmas and a great New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

do you hear...

...the jingle bells?

Well, kids, you probably got all the presents on your list by now. But don't forget: every gift should look as cute as ever, so the packaging is truly important. That's why we thought we'd come up with some ideas to help you, or maybe just to get you started on thinking about the best looking presents in the world!

Don't just settle for a plain gift bag - they're so pasee! :) No, really, you gotta be more imaginative than that!

Think of a cool way to decorate the gifts - it can be anything from a cone or a pretty flower to a hand drawing or a textile patchwork or a paper collage or a cute special ribbon.
Take a look at the packaging from Le Train Fantome (above). That's how you do it!
Pic taken from The Black Apple.

Monday, December 17, 2007



If you're out shopping for a Christmas tree these days - and you don't know exactly how to adorn it, here's a bit of an idea: try using some artwork instead of the traditional -- and sometimes kitschy -- ornaments.
I remember my mom used to always decorate the tree in an artistic manner - which I didn't really get at first (as a kid, you're inclined to pile up on differently colored bulbs, messy garlands and so on). While the concept of minimalist decorating - usually two colors only and hand-made bows and so on - seemed impossible to me at first, now I seem to get it more and more.
And I just feel like there's a lot of bad taste when decorating for the holidays - you know, glitz doesn't always mean beautiful. (In fact, it doesn't most of the time :P)
So...the point is: better invest in something cool, with lots of personality, than to buy ornaments like crazy and just "throw" them on the tree. Here's an idea: the Snowbear Ornaments by axelhoney. They're for sale here and here and they're a guaranteed showstopper.

Friday, December 14, 2007

well, dahling...'s all about style

It's common knowledge that style lies in the details, so I won't bore you with that. But I'll try to bore you with something else :)
Well, this is in fact a great idea. Especially if you've had it with ordinary soaps.
I'm talking about the Cameo Soap Bars, which look so great you might not decide to use them after you make them.
Ahem! MAKE?
Well, yeah. This is a tutorial that teaches you how to make your own stylish soap. From soapylove, for only $6.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

wouldn't you love... have your own little Japanese doll?
Well, that's possible now. At Madamemo you can choose your fave Yoko doll to cherish. But there are also many other cool things you can find in there, if you'll only take the time to do it.
So go play!

the lowdown...

...on gift shopping

If you're in a "gift dilemma", you can always buy something...cute! You know, thinking too much about the right present might actually spoil all the fun. A present is perfect when you see it and you instantly think of someone who might appreciate it.

I already know a funny face who will fall for this gorgeous Nesting Doll coin purse from Bored Inc.

green and red...

...nothing but green and red

This wonderful toxic red spider on a neon green web is very very cool. And if you want to look tough'n'cute, it's the best choice you can make!

And yep, this is yet another "green and red" post. But that's not planned!!!! No, really, it isn't! You gotta believe me! I mean, you know: planning and me...we're not in the same place :)

Anyhow, it must be the Christmas spirit that's subconsciously taken over me - although I'm sooooooooooo busy right now I'm not feeling it at all. So I decided (yes, in a courageous attempt of bringing planning and me together :P) to post as many green and red things on this blog until X-mas. Let's see what I can do :)

P.S.: I'll probably get bored a few posts later, but who knows? :) Ambition, my friend! Ambition is what I neeeeeeeeed!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

something cute...

...for someone special
I just couldn't resist posting this great set of note cards in here! The magic of little odd forest is here once again, making everybody happy. Just look at the guilty racoon faces! ROTFL!!!!!
The gorgeous pack of postcards only costs $3.20 and can be used as a present in itself or just to leave funny notes to people you love.
Duh, I'm getting romantic all of a sudden, so this will be the end of this post (you know I don't like mushy stuff :P).
But I'll let you read the description I found on their website, which is so funny:
"The little odd forest raccoons are up to their thieving antics again! Poor little Mister Gnome, who thought he had cleverly hidden his treasure loot behind the magical rainbow!"
P.S.: I hope everybody will get cool presents tonight :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

got the Christmas spirit...

Well, the holidays are quickly approaching and I found myself looking for presents for St. Nic's this morning. And because I didn't find what I was looking for, I got the jitters. I realized that soon - very soon - we'll need presents! Lots of presents! And you know, if you are like me (always leaving it to the last second), it's a bit stressful. So I thought I'd shop in time this year. And have a patronizing look when I see someone rushing to buy a present, with a desperate look on their face :)
Kidding! :P
Well anyway, I'm sure history will repeat itself this year, too, but at least I can hope YOU will manage to buy everything in time. So here's a bit of an idea: the X-mas Tree and Star mugs from Molla Space. To get full effect, don't forget to fill them up with some hot stuff before serving!
Shop away!

Monday, December 03, 2007

being... account person

It's great to work with people that make it seem easy - and fun. But that's a truism, so I won't bother you with that. Another truism is that in your regular advertising agency, creative people and account people are a bit like the cat and the mouse - the Tom and Jerry type of "cat and mouse", if you will.
They run around, hit each other with the frying pan in the head, step on the other's tail (ouch!) and do anything they can to show the whole world they're on different fronts. But I didn't really swallow this preconception when I started working, so I guess I thought account people are OK :)
In fact, I dunno if tags like "accounts" or "creatives" should even exist. Maybe they shouldn't be like "cats" and "mice", but "bears" and "rabbits" (you know, the latter always go together:)).
So I'm all about judging people by what they really are/do, instead of using boring prejudices.
Above, Ace and Ion, by Tara McPherson. For all the accounts around :)
Because rabbits and bears are a team :)