Monday, March 17, 2008

honey you can hold... your hand!
Nothing's better for a tea drinker than a drop of honey. But honey is messier than sugar - and it's not that easy to use.
Solid honey could be an idea...but where to find it? Well, you might be surprised, but that's EXACTLY what Honibe is!
The ones that created the Honibe Honey Drop thought of taking the matter in their own hands and tried to remove the messy stickiness we usually associate with liquid honey.
So they made the Honey Drops - 100% pure dried honey, just ready to jump in your cup!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

use your body... draw

Artist Heli Hietala created the COLOURS - a set of crayons that are meant to interact with each other, creating a special type of communication.
The crayons are shaped as human beings - and their differences add a whole new dimension to drawing - or life, for that matter, as they are inspired by real people. Holding someone in your hand might feel creepy at first, but who can deny the coolness factor? :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

can anybody resist...


Lately I've been muching on lots of chocolate because I was super-busy, got upset with some people and had to restore my energy :) And today - by pure coincidence, I assure you :) - I found these wonderful chocolate oddities on the Paris Breakfast blog and decided to share.
It seems that "normal" chocolate is out of style, so get ready to embrace the newcomers!
Don't risk being seen with a classic chocolate bar in your hand...or you'll totally be so yesterday :P
Today is all about...

...chocolate beans...
...chocolate sausages...

...chocolate tools :)

...chocolate french fries, obviously :) ...

...chocolate soaps...
...chocolate cheese...

...and chocolate olives.
So when will we have a chocolate house - with chocolate walls and chocolate furniture? Soon, it seems.
Well, who's complaining, anyway? :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring buys...


...for your home
If the weather outside makes you wanna go out and spend some money, we've got just the thing for you!
Luflic creates the greatest interior objects - and their philosophy is that craft and new technologies are just as valuable. Plus their credo is really something I can connect to: "Make furniture that is desirable and durable so there is no reason to replace it or throw it away". I've always been puzzled by people that took pride in changing their furniture each year or so - it's obviously that they buy crappy stuff and replace it with something just as crappy. 'xcuse my French :)
The idea with furniture is that you should invest in something good-looking, durable and - obviously - meaningful. You don't just need a sofa - or a chair. It's gotta be a little more than that.
"In the Round" is exactly what you need. It's a chair that's based on the homonymous technique of knitting socks or sleeves.
See here what it's all about.