Friday, June 29, 2007

bolts, screws...

...and flesh

Chris Brindley has a very interesting style. I like these robotic features on the animals he's drawing. But still, I don't find these pics to be cold or anything, despite all the metal hardware. The animals seem so full of feeling - in fact, their eyes seem pretty sad or melancholic to me. It's probably because of all that weight...
Check out his store on Etsy for more.

just look at that...

I'm a big fan of Sart and I don't think a day goes by without feeling the need to look at the beautiful pictures I always find on his blog. I don't know what's up with these street snaps, but they're so natural that I really find them irresistible.
But today was special. I stumbled upon these gorgeous pictures of Carlo Montanaro (Corriere della Sera). There's something about this guy's clothes that can leave you speechless.
It seems this suit belonged to his father (custom-made, right?) and is about 35 years old. His suit is completely worn out, but he could never be mistaken for a hobo. Of course, some people might think he's poor or something, others might laugh at him on the street, but not the style-savvy...
It reminds me of a funny thing: some time ago, my dad was wearing one of his favourite watches - one that belonged to his grandfather. He was in a business meeting with some people, among who a Romanian lady and a German guy - the latter one a bit classier and style-smarter than the others. Of course the lady was bothered by "that old watch" - that she didn't perceive as being trendy (like Swatch or something :)) or expensive - although it was exactly that. But the German understood its value and told her about the brand and its value - which really made her understand the "don't judge a book by its cover" proverb has some truthfulness to it.
There you go guys - Sart knows what he's talking about. More and more people are starting to understand that blinging is not that cool anymore and that "inconspicuous consumption" is the new trend.
Hmmm...some might just get it :) Until then, we're digging it big time! There's nothing cooler than throwing in the mix some style, some memories and some story.

gotta go to the loooo... seat
Your daily trips to the toilet can instantly become luminous and sweet with the Lovey Dovey Toilet Set. The 2 heart shaped and heart printed carpets make you feel cozy and rosy. And your guests will be impressed, too. Also great for parties - you know, there are never enough chairs or sofas in the house. Your friends might find this place pretty comfy!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

hungry for a burger?

Yeah, you know Japan...nothing's quite "regular" in there. So why shouldn't there be some cute little cookies with burger looks? They're really so accurate because, you see, they even replicate the sesame seeds on the "bun" and the dripping chhese on the sides. Deeeeelicious!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

(the) love of my life...

...yeah, it's probably you! :)
A few years ago I went to Italy with a scolarship for a few months. My boyfriend at that time was so sweet to gather a few great (and meaningful :P) songs on a CD that he gave me when I left. It's great how little gestures like this can have a whole lot of importance, don't you think?
In this post I want to thank him for that CD that I still remember (and have - I know, I'm the hopeless romantic type...) and give him a sweet kiss in return.
If you're thinking of giving your girlfriend something cute to show how you feel, why not choose one of the Heart necklaces from Topshop? In red or yellow / red AND yellow - depending on how much you're willing to spend.
Kidding! They're not even expensive and they are really a declaration in themselves - plus they go well with any wardrobe.
It's probably the summer heat - but I'm thinking we should make these kind of "love ya" moves a little more often. I know I'm behind with that, but I'll get back on track soon...promise :)

it's not...

...rocket science
But it's rocket fashion! If you're the type of girl that loves to change her jewellry everyday and likes crazy colours and designs, well...these cute earrings are just for you!
Buy from ratkiss! for $12.50.

Monday, June 25, 2007

fish for all...

...and all for fish
We love fish and we know it's as healthy as it is delicious, but today we're not going to tell you about the benefits of eating it. Still, it's about food.
As summer is well installed in our lives and we all love a summer garden party, your serving sets should also be fun and joyful.
This Fish Puzzle is made out of 4 different bowls and is great for serving anything - whether it's salty snacks or sweets! Can you resist it? Better not!

get yer bling...

...on yer tote
If you can't resist blingin' all the time, here's something that will surely make you happy! The Fancy Necklaces Tote from fredflare is a pretty mix of gold and pearls and heavy chains that will automatically enrich your life! Ha, ha...lousy pun, right? Well, OK, but the bag is nice!

nothing better than a cute bear... make a great day!
Back from Istanbul, where it was hot, but not as hot as in Bucharest, as it seems :)
As I'm in a great mood and today it seems there's no chance for rain or clouds, let's celebrate sunny days like these with an over-the-top-cute notepad from SuperBuzzy.
Light-hearted and really funny, these Japanese crat supplies can bring a smile on everyone's face!

Monday, June 18, 2007

some style...

...for a comfy room
Because next week I'll be in Turkey for a business meeting, I thought these ottomans are just great for today's post. They are created with different fabrics that give them a very stylish-yet-patchworky look, with a filling of small plastic balls.
Very practical (with the little knitted handle to move around the house), the Bovist Pouf looks young and cool and is just perfect if you're looking for a house update.
Buy at retromodern.

talk talk talk...

...even in writing
These talking bubbles paper clips are a great addition to your office supplies if you're looking for some fun in the work day or if you are a true comics fan.
I think you should never use the boring variant when there's something so cool out there!
Buy here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

above and beyond...

Yeah, you might notice a pattern here (in my liking cute'n'scary stuff so much), but I'm telling you, it's the greatest combo ever! Above you can see "Angry Bunny" and "Pupsons", two great pieces by Agata Janus Vel Gagatka, from here.
Are they perfect or what? (especially the Bunny....omg!!!!!!!! :))

for all of you...




...night birds

For a nighty-night, the best thing to do is to buy yourself an owl pillow from (who else?) Owl Movement. They're super cool and you can't go wrong with either of them: choose between BOO, CASEY, EUGENE or OWLVIN.
Nothing can scare you now, can it?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

cucumber cool...

...only without cucumber
Pepsi launched its new drink Pepsi Ice Cucumber in Japan. It looks like the new cucumber drink contains no cucumber - but artificial flavors that imitate its taste. The thinking behind this launch was to make people think of cooling down this summer - and the cucumber seems to be just perfect for doing that.
Call me conservative though, but the greenish drink doesn't really do it for me. But I didn't taste it yet - and yeah, Romania is a bit far away from Japan...
If you've tried it, tell us what you think.


...some graffiti's in order!
£ 19.95 and it's yours! The Factum Graffiti Chair from Art Meets Matter is made out of recycled paperboard and is exactly the blank "sheet" of paper you've been waiting for!
Together with the chair you get a cool set of markers - in red, blue, black and green - but its creators say you can do much more than just draw! Collage, stickers, beads and fabrics - anything works! Still, the goal is to make a beautiful chair, that matches your room perfectly!
Enough with the tyrrany of boredom!

a lil' sumthing...

...for the office obsessed
These funny Snap Paper Clips are everything you need when putting files together at work! If you hate grey, black and white and your office look has at least 1 piece of funkyness attached (yes, crazy underwear and colored mascara count, too), than you might just like what you're about to hear.
Your new paper clips can now be ladybugs or birdies - and quite cute, too!
Buy them from The Curiosity Shoppe for $8 the set.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

we proud...

...Rumania style :)
If u still don't know what we're talking about, than you must be living under a rock...

a classic...

...for the geeks
Wooden keyboards, USB memory sticks, card readers and hubs. This is what Marubeni Infotec presented as the latest trend in peripheral design.
And here you can see some previous styles and a wooden mouse, too. it ok to kill trees just for the sake of some retro*ish hi-tech stuff that matches your furniture? That's for the debate class.
via ubergizmo.

count the sheep...

...on the go
This beautiful travel pass holder from Lazy Oaf Shop is a great buy at only £ 8. But of course, once you get it, you can use it for anything: money, credit cards and so on.
We just love the sheep&clouds&rainbow pattern!
Definitely there to brighten up one's day!

getting crafty... the summer
The Ball String Lights from Wrapables make any summer party fun! A string of 20 lights that look like balls of yarn is just the thing you need for making your guests feel fine. They come in purple, red, tan and white and they're great for any room or garden!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

art on impulse

These are some great pieces of art from ossobucco. Just take a look at "Pool of Tears" and "Aesop Revised" and you can imagine what else is in store. Really in store, I mean. In the etsy shop, right here. Or go here to see more.

Sad/evil animals and strange situations. Yeah, give me some of that and I'll be a fan forever.

oh, love...

...sweet love
I don't know why (oh, well, in fact, I do, but it's way cooler to pretend I don't :P), but today I'm soooooo in love. It started in the morning and it's sure to last a bit :)
That's why I might get a bit schmaltzy with these posts...
See those two above? I think they're above and beyond sweet and lovely, and they can really show off your feelings if you're having a great day.
Wear anything - it's obvious the outfit will be spectacular with the Paul&Joe "Lover Necklace". And for those who are a little bit more pragmatic, it's an 18k gold necklace that makes love both classy and fun.

details, details...

...are what makes a great artist

We've introduced you to NOPER for some time, but here are some cool new things that had to be posted! It's just a hint of what he can do - and we like it really really much! If you want to see more, you can go here, here or here. Yeah, he's multi-talented and multi-blogged :)

P.S.: he's also created the BURP logo, the very cute pink dog above. Kudos and mucho thanks are just not enough!

these pillows...

...just rock!

What's that? A big pile of pebbles? No,'s a pillow. The...Pebble Pillow! Because having a boring house or office is so last century, here's something that will immediately push you to the avantgarde of design! Made out of cotton terry, these wonderful pillows come in 3 colours: natural, camel and brown with black.
And if you're not the "nature lover" type, you might like the Executive Multi Bright Pillow, created with the remnants of men's ties.

I abduct, you abduct...

...they abduct!
If you thought you'd seen everything, well, let us make some light for you! The Abduction Lamp is the newest and craziest idea in home or office decoration!
I especially like the little martians looking through the UFO windows and the following text in their presentation:
"We know that martians abduct hundreds of cows each year. We also know that Elvis lives on Mars.
Put these two facts together, and you'll realize that the Martians are busy collecting Earth cows to keep Elvis with a steady supply of hamburgers."
This is one funny lamp...

Monday, June 11, 2007

dotting the office... cool
The other day, someone was asking if trendsetters are pink. Who knows? Are they? Are we?
I don't know if they're pink or not, but I know they love a piece of cool when they see it. That's why today we're bringing you these wonderful dottie chair cushions from PB Teen.
You can buy them each for $25, or together with the swivel chair, that costs an extra $229-$249.
So I guess we have our answer right there. I guess cool comes in pink...and blue...and green!