Thursday, May 31, 2007


...also from Japan
What's a busy businessman to do? There's no time to cook the right stuff, to eat healthy or to learn about the do's and dont's of eating. So what did Osaka officials think of?
They put 2 and 2 together and saw that both waistlines and cell phones are ever-expanding in Japan. So why not use this combination for health purposes?
This is how a great idea came up: people can take a picture of what they're eating and then send it via mobile phone to find out how many calories their food has.
This is a really great concept in the very spirit of interactivity - and although the results come in a little slow (in approx. 3 days after sending the photo), we salute the idea!
picture from epicurious.

can't decide whether this is...

hot or cool
As we're all in the business of making things as comfortable as possible for...ourselves, I think this little gadget comes in handy right now. Of course, the Japanese are again one step ahead of everybody, as they invented something that is really useful! Summer is in, and the weater is hotter than ever! So what about some canned air conditioning?
Yes, that's right! Some bottled air conditioning for you, so you don't sweat and feel great even under the brightest sun!
How to use it? Just spray on your clothes - but only once, 'cause twice will give you frostbites. At only $5 a can, this invention could be a real hit!
via tecnocino.

say it...

...with your hands
Just the other day I was talking to some friends about non-verbal communication...and now, this book! No need to say a word (OK, not the best of puns :)) - this manual will just teach you 70 gestures that can "speak for themselves". Well, at least in Japan.
Insulting, agreeing, flirting, excusing yourself or making promises - they can all be done with no need of articulate language!
See more at ThinkGeek and learn "Japanese" your way!

a carrot a day...

...brings the rabbit your way!
The super-funny Tees above are from Fat Rabbit Farm. The owners of this brand - Jason and Patty - say they take their inspiration from Babee, their pet. Be sure you don't miss this link and also take a peek at the fluffy cutie.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

do your nails... monkey business required
This cute little fella is truly a girl's best friend! That doesn't really explain why we found it on, but well...
If you're tired of blowing on your nails or swinging your hands in the air after applying nail varnish, you should consider using the Blow Monkey instead. You just have to press on the banana plate in front of him and he'll start blowing cool air onto your nails! Can it get cooler than that? :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

get your haircute...

...with these new styles

Cropped hair is great for summer! If you're looking for a new look and you're bold enough to try this, has the greatest hair advice right here! And if you're not sure yet of whether to cut it off or let it stay, take the example of those super-hot celebs! Our favourite? Michelle Williams. She doesn't look a day over 10 y.o. in this pic!

and something...

...for the morning after
And if you've had one too much last night with the p.i.n.k. vodka, well, here's how to snap out of it. The "Shame on you" kit (also in pink) from Flight 001 is everything you need to come out clean. It includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, a 1 size fits all thong, 3 condoms, a phone card, a packet of pain relievers and a "leave behind" note with an envelope, all packed in a transparent zip pouch.

Monday, May 28, 2007

what every girl wants...

...what every girl needs... p.i.n.k. vodka! Very fashionable and uber-cute, this caffeine + guarana infused vodka presents itself as "the world's perfect party spirit". And we're inclined to believe that, as this drink is going to both lift up your spirit and give you the energy to party all night long.

drop it... it's hot!
Wherever you go camping this summer - and even if you stay at home, in your garden - a little barbecue fun is sure to keep you happy! And if you want to do it like a girl, the Lil' Pig Traeger grill will help you cook in style. Your guests will be in love with the great design, your neighbours will envy you from dusk 'til dawn and "living la vie en rose" will become your motto. Now, that's hot! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


...yeah, alive!
As the number of motorcycle and scooter fans has increased in Bucharest - it's crazy out there if you have a car!!!! - and will probably continue to do so, we found some cool helmets that guarantee they'll stay safe and cool, too. They're totally urban chic.
The Nexx X60 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets come in 12 styles and are ready to go!
Above you have denim X60, which is just perfect for your summer look. Paired with a yellow/orange Tee and sport shoes, you'll be ready to let the wind blow in your hair on the seaside roads!

that's music to...

...your ears
Forget boring black or white totes! You can now have a black & white one! The musical score tote bag is perfect as a city bag - big enough to be your favourite carryall, cute enough to make heads turn to you on the street and funny enough to keep you happy all day long!
Buy it here for the good price of $7.

kool or kitsch?

...probably both!

On Kirai.NET we found the pictures above - they work well as proof that the Japanese love adorning eveything with Swarowski crystals! But this is a trend well extended all over the world.
You can find crystals in everything - did they make crystal-embellished toilet paper yet?!?!?!?
Thing is, this brings us to an old question: what is kitsch and what is cool? And can a kitsch object be cool? (Yeah, I know...I have too much time on my hands :)))
I think kitsch CAN BE COOL - when worn with irony and on purpose. But when taken seriously, it is kitschy and an indicator of bad taste. You know, for example, I like the Japanese sense of style - they do everything with a lot of irony and fun - they don't take themselves seriously. That's why they can wear black lace and pink fluffy fake fur and lots of other crazy things in a completely cool "mix and match" way. But when you see a poor girl wearing the same things and wanting to be sexy/elegant (with the black lace and the fluffy pink fur), the result is just eye-yuck!
Of course, the Japanese are not the only ones who can do that...but they are among the best!
This discussion can go on forever - but I'm pretty curious what you think about it. Plastic, crystals, different prints and fabrics, different decoration styles etc. - are these horrbile intrinsically, or does the wearer's/user's attitude towards them count? Can you make a kitschy object/notion/style cool or not?

what's's menu? as much as you want to...

...see black, but eat great...

...and don't forget to practice some ninja moves
Forbes magazine made up a list of the most unusual restaurants in the world. Whether they're famous because of their concepts or their special courses, they are hot, hot, hot! We've chosen just a few of them, but you can read the whole article in here.

First of all, let's talk about a restaurant with the slogan "eat as you like and pay as you feel". This is
Annalakshmi (named after the Hindu Goddess of Food), an Indian concept with humanitarian echoes. The vegetarian meals served here are not prepared by hired chefs, but by mothers, grandparents, sisters and brothers. And because you cannot put a price on the food made by a family member, the restaurant leaves it to its guests to decide how much money they want to pay for something that is both a good meal and a cultural experience.

The second restaurant on our list doesn't really have to pay much on decorations and stuff.
Dans le Noir?, just as its name says, offers guests a completely delicious culinary the dark! Visitors come to this restaurant 20 minutes before sitting down, order theor courses at the lit bar and then...enter the dark room, where nothing disturbs them from living complex sensory moments. They're even asked to use the toilests before eating, so they will truly enjoy eating in the dark! The interesting thing is that the staff are also blind and there's a guide who helps customers familiarize with the new environment. Starting from he idea that by "blinding" some senses, the others become stronger - so the feelings are emphasized - this restaurant is pretty cool!

And speaking of frightening experiences that get your adrenaline going, the
NINJA restaurant in New York offers a great mix of permormances and savour. Created to look like a ninja castle from feudal days, the interior of this place look mysterious and exciting. And what about being served by a ninja? It's an experience everyone should live at least once in their lives.
Plus! See this video on YouTube if you want to see what's in for you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

it's a...

...beautiful story
Artist Jaime Zollars says she is inspired by fairy tales and Flemish painters. Can there be a better combination? :)
This is also pretty obvious in her illustrations - they have a certain cuteness & strangeness that makes them really beautiful. And plus, there's the bear factor, which makes them irresistible for me! :)
I wonder if our friends at like her style. So, guys?
P.S.: also check out her blog at Paper Forest for more cuteness!

the coolest thing...




...since sliced bread
What do you do if you need some bread? You go out and buy some, of course! Or you can buy it via Internet, if you're lazy or want something special. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet. But what about an online bread shop that makes lucky draws to see who wins the bread or only sells to people that have been introduced by loyal customers?
Doesn't THAT sound funny?
Well, that's the case with recette, a Japanese shop with extremely delicious products (like the berry, vanilla or cinnamon bread pictured above) that has a limited production capacity, due to its great attention to details and extremely special recipes. So I guess making a "bread reservation" is really worth the trouble and the wainting.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

as cool as it gets...

As summer is here and most girls are crazy about dieting & stuff, here's how to do it in style. If you're constantly weighing yourself and using the scale each day, you'd better buy a cool one!
This scale features the 2 black&white monokuro boo pigs, famous characters in Japan - and the world of cute as well.
Buy it from here.

and our share of fashion...

...for today
I know, I know...we're getting a little bored of skulls. But this tie is beyond cute, with the metal chain and the lace details. It seems I'm never getting enough of this "opposites attract" thing. Well...moving on. Next, we have a pretty belt to match with a 60's dress for a
show-stopping look.
You can find them here and here. And there's much more in there!


...on wood
What else do you need for great presents? Faux bois wrapping paper and ribbon, obviously! The tree pattern on packaging goods is a must this season, with all the eco-craziness around!

gadget day...
Always looking for cool gadgets and interesting concepts, are you? Well, here's a nice one for you.
The Keychain Pocket Watch from designer Francisco Cubides (a predestined name, huh? :) ).
This is a cube that works as your usual keychain, but it can also work as a watch. When you pull the cord, it will display the time - even in darkness, thanks to its LED technology.
I think it's much more useful than other stuff people carry as keychains, don't you?

Monday, May 21, 2007

the fellowship...

...of the ring
It's a world full of rings! There are engagement rings and wedding rings...but no rings for the singles. And why not, the guys at Singelringen ask. If anyone needs to show their civil status, then that's a single! Right?
Well, we trust them and we think everyone should wear their singleness in pride :)
Made of sterling silver, wrapped in light-catching turquoise acrylic, the Singelring is engraved with a unique code on its interior. This code functions as a registration number and allows members to join the global Singelringen community, create a personal profile and...who knows, maybe meet the loves of their lives and forget all about the ring!
But well...this is a modern and stylish piece of jewelry, so you might not want to get attached too quickly and lose all your coolness! But what if love is greater than your fashion needs? The creators of the Singelring say you needn't despair: you can always wear your ring on a necklace or on your bag, as a charm.
It used to be a tough dating world out there, but not anymore!

Friday, May 18, 2007

is it a seal? is it a...
Yes, it's a dog - and a very beautiful one, too. I found these pictures today on Frizzelstixs and I couldn't help thinking of how cute this dog is. I don't know exactly why: whether it reminds me of my own pet or I just love seeing a dog having a good time in the snow :)
But I shared these pics with all my friends - so there you go!

just in time...

...for a great week-end
The Barcelona Cushion Clock from Monkey Nose is just what you need to liven up the room!
Inspired by the famous Barcelona chair designed by Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe for the World Exhibition in 1929, this clock is a statement of modern lifestyle.
Unfortunately, time (and especially week-end time) passes pretty quickly, no matter how stylish the clock is.

of fidelity...

...and other demons

While writing the earlier post, I realized something. For a few days, we've been eating in the same place. Different food, but still...same place. And we like it there. I like it there. But I'm bored! I need variety.
And then it hit me...could this be true for any kind of relationship (be it with food, clothes, pets or...your loved one)? Is fidelity boring at some point?

Ohhh...I probably have too much time on my hands :) I should go back to work...
Bye for now :)

P.S.: to get a better idea of what I'm saying...See the beautiful softies from
Puschel Pin (above)? They're so many and so how can you settle for only one? :)


...sushi time!

It's almost lunch time and my stomach keeps reminding me of this fact. Therefore, here's a little treat for all of you out there who feel the same: the sushi shorts from Analog. They are very cute and they're also good 2 wear, too. I mean, if you follow the fish rolls on the plate and they fall on your lap, no need to worry: the scenery is perfect :)

And now, let's go eat!

Bon appetit!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

green arrow or green house?


I found these beautiful earrings on Etsy this morning and I thought: is it possible? Am I becoming green-obsessed (and leaving my pinkish passion behind)? Neeeaaah! But anyways, just to be sure, I used a bit of light pink in my clothing today :)
Anyways, to get back to the earrings: they're cute, pretty simple, but really eye-catching. They're called "This Way Home" and they go with anything, especially with a day-2-day jeans & Tee combo!
But the great thing about them is that they look both like a Green Arrow and a green house - so, no matter your hobby, you'll love them!
pics from here and here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

go green...

...but not with envy
Two days ago I've been out on the fields, planting trees :) We were trying to do a good deed, and I think we did, but it's just a drop in the ocean.
The thing is, lately I've been pretty concerned with going green, and I'm really a fan of those who can really have a healthy lifestyle - both for them and the environment.
I know I have many sins: I don't recycle, I waste way too much water and I don't really have an eco-friendly approach in what fashion is concerned, either. I mean, buy less clothes, don't wear leather, use organic clothing...there's a piece of advice for each of us.
I know I'm a consumer (in the worst sense of the word) and I'll try to be more careful towards nature from now on. In the meantime, if any of you guys feels the same about things and is willing to get into "rehab", TreeHugger has some friendly proposals that might just make a change.
And so you know there's something for everyone, you'll get advice on how to green:
- your furniture;
- your sex life;
- your work;
- your wardrobe
P.S.: the little one above is Mister G, our beloved tree. He's just soooo cute! And now he's a star, too :)

on your mark, get ready...!
In these super-hot days, all we want to do is take a long, nice bath. It's the greatest daily ritual and it leaves you feeling totally new! Bath-time should be really fun, and even though it is a great process in itself, it never hurts to bring in the heavy artillery, like rubber ducks, delicious bath foam and all the toys you can gather.
So why not treat yourself to a childlike bath tonight, with the newspaper boat drain stopper?
If you think you're too "grown up" for this (is that even possible?), why not make it a wonderful gift fot your guy? As we all know, boys never say "NO" to cute toys, no matter their age, and they always stay kids in their hearts :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

why not...

...REuse and REcycle?
If it's retro, it's retro! And nothing's more retro than these cassette tape-fashion accessories.
The belt buckles are from Honorable Mention and they can be attached to any belt with interchangeable buckles. You can choose from several tapes, based on color, favorite artist and so on.
Next, we have the cassette wallets, made by Italian artist Marcella Foschi. They are also hand-made and therefore unique.
So if you're into the 80's trend / you are a bit nostalgic / you just want to stand out, here's your chance to update your wardrobe with some old school goodness.

Monday, May 14, 2007

could I have some...

... blue skies and sweet cherries, please?
History and art lover, passionate about the XVIII th century, spoced with just a little bit of contemporary irony. This is Michel Perry, a Parisian shoe artist who makes the life of women a bit sweeter. If you like the models above, you should know there's plenty more from where those came.
And if you're really looking for refinement and a sexy vibe to your summer wardrobe, you should definitely check out his website.
tip from Chic City Rats.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

cool or crazy... idea?

"FLEXPETZ provides our members with local access to a variety of dogs, all of whom are rescues". Access? To dogs? Humm...well, OK, let me see if I get this right. Flexpetz offers people who don't want a full-time pet or can't take care of a dog on a regular basis or don't know if they'd like a pet or not etc. - the chance to have a pet for a few hours or a few days. Rent-a-dog? Is this even a concept? I mean...guys, OK, I agree, it's a NEW thing and it sounds INTERESTING. It might even have its GOOD PARTS - like taking dogs off the street and trying to give them the chance of a better life. But is this really better?

We all know dogs get attached to their owners and they need constant care and affection (just like people, if I may say). So I think using them as a yo-yo for a few moments' fun is pretty wrong.

I don't want to be judgemental or something, but as a dog owner and as an animal-lover, I don't think you could screw up a dog's feelings like this. They get attached to someone for a few days and then they go back to the shelter and then who-knows-when they'll have a new "owner" and so on...Do you think it's fair? And, moreover, I know we live in a place and time where (almost) everything is accessible for a price / everything is ours if we want it. But let's face it: if you really want to buy a dog and have a pet, you go out there and buy one. You don't "try it for a few days" and you don't "take it for a test drive". That's plain stupid ('xcuse my French) anyway, because you can't test a breed to see if it fits your personality. Btw, while several character traits might be similar between dogs of the same breed, each pet is unique and develops differently.

I think it's q.e.d. for now. Am I right or what?

P.S.: sorry for the tone, but as I started thinking about it, this idea got on my nerves more and more. Dogs are cute, don't mess them up!

found about it on cherryflava.

doing your thang... VIP mode
"Being seen" is like so over! These days, being UNSEEN is the thing! Going out and looking like a celebrity will make you become one! Everybody will turn their heads and look at you, wondering who you are. Are you famous, are you bad? Are you...wearing the Stupidiotic Black Bar Privacy Specs?

take me... your office

My boyfriend really needs a laptop sleeve and I've sooooo promised myself I'd buy him one. But everything I've seen until now was black/black or gray/gray, the "I'm NOthing special" type...I mean, if you're going to use it from 9 to 5 (or even more), the least you could ask for are some un-boring looks, right? There must be cooler laptop sleeves around!

Well, now this dilemma is over! I knew it! And here's proof: the laptop sleeve from Barry's Farm is exactly what will make you get noticed and maybe even get a raise. And now it's on sale, so you can really call this a deal!

via techie diva.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

to read or not to read...

...THAT is the question!
With all this talk about technosexuals and with all the gadgets around, we were seriously asking ourselves if there are any young people left who read books (you've seen them, they're those funny objects made out of printed pieces of paper, brought together under a cover).

So, are you guys doing this anymore? Is it like...a "vintage" occupation, something you do to look special? Or is it a regular habit? Or what? We'd love to hear from you, as I've seen less and less peers reading books or handwriting, now that computers are the norm. I'm guilty of it, too.

But with super-cute bookmarks like these above, don't you just feel like going back to reading again?

For some more cool stuff, see burp.