Friday, April 28, 2006

more on packaging

real fun
I'm always looking for great packaging ideas and this time I found one that's simple yet so explicit: a bag of coconut jelly. It portrays a little man with a big open mouth that lets you see inside the bag. It's really funny and I love it - makes me wish we had more fun packaging in Romania, too.
Found it here.

battle of the chocolates

discover your inner bloke/girl
Chocolates are more and more trying to capture niche markets and this creates a lot of buzz, just when we were thinking that choc-vertising was all about the feeling you get after a bite. In this story, 2 brands really stick out:
it's Yorkie - "not for girls" and Chick Chocolates - the name speaks for itself :)
The first is positioned as a non-girly brand, while the latter exploits the classic womanly "crave for chocolate". Though many consider this targeting a bit sexist, we find it interesting and out of the common. Which makes it good :)

check it out

the new check attack
Though in Romania checks are not that big yet (I wonder if anyone accepts them...), other countries are trying to get rid of the plain ol' boring ones. That's why businesses like Checks In The Mail invented a multitude of patterns and check decorations - so that you don't feel anything but fun while spending. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

treat 'em right

your best friend deserves the best

We all love our little companions and we like to treat them like part of the family. Most pet owners understand the need to give their loyal friend the best there is, be it food, shelter or toys. But we're not talking cats and dogs here - it's all about exotic pets. Brisky Pet Products is there to make your life easier if you have a chinchilla, a wallaby, a flying squirel or a sugar glider. It's enough to love it and be able to pronounce its name. The rest is catered for by Brisky, whether it's a coconut cabana or a nice apple treat (the last being suitable for...horses, bunnies, birds and hamsters altogether).

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Easter Comix

pick your fave
OK, so here we are, just a few days after Easter. I was surfing the net and I ran into these cute comic books, totally related to the ocassion... The ones with the rabbits (Hoppy, Atomic Rabbit, Peter Rabbit & Super Rabbit - by their true names) are just fine, but what's up with that "Jesus" cover?
Enjoy more here.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

take your computer to the woods

not for your dog
Ever thought your office space is too high-tech? Ever felt the need to grab a bit of fresh air?'s your chance now, with Oooms' wooden memory sticks. They're unique and good-looking, created to bring a piece of nature into your working space.
Speaking of the "back to the basics" trend...

new faces

reinterpretations of classics
What do libraries do with old books that can't be used anymore? Throw them away? Wrong answer!
They create art, that's what they do. "Long Overdue: Book Renewal" is a project put together by the Maine College of Art and the Portland Public Library. They took books that were out of circulation and gave 200 artists the opportunity to express themselves through collage, deconstruction of text and any other way they wanted.
Now the "new" books are back in circulation, after they've been presented to the public eye.
We think this is a nice initiative, bearing in mind the fact that we just celebrated Earth Day on the 22nd of April. Of course recycling is great for the environment, but this kind of action shows us that it can also be cool!

Friday, April 21, 2006

happy kidz

suitable for ages 3-130
Yes, we know you want one of those! They're cheerful, multi-coloured and sooooo inviting! They're the Superhero Plate Set from French Bull, a houseware collection designed by Jackie Shapiro.
Get some and don't stop here! There' s more to see and it's all bold and so pop!

it's good for you

power for the people
It gives you energy, coolness and good looks. And it's only a fruit. Due to its antioxidants, the pomegranate seem so be the next culinary star, as more and more health-conscious types choose it in their diet.
Drink POM Wonderful's POM Tea and the world will seem much nicer. Plus, the packaging is also interesting - you get a glass after you lift the top and drink your tea.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

wake the !@#^ up!!! coffee

strong name, strong coffee
I found this while surfing the web totay. I don't know anything about it - but it looks like a very interesting coffee. Talk about the wonders of branding :)
Buy it here if you are in the target-group.

piece of trash

NYC in a box

Justin Gignac gives us garbage and we like it! The 25-year old developed a new art form - and he's even making money from it! He attentively picks trash from the streets of New York City (looking for solid, dry things that won't rot) and packs it into boxes that become great memories.
People seem to love the trash, as they buy it as gifts or souvenirs from NYC!
Each box is unique and has a label stating the date when the trash was picked - Justin stays true to his philosophy and never mixes trash from different days!
Enjoy more here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


design as you want it

The work of Italian designer Simone Legno from tokidoki is simply stunning! We're completely in love with all the stuff on his site, from toys to clothes to interior design to bags to skate decks...
And stars seem to agree with us. Here's Black Eyed Peas' Fergie in a cool tokidoki tee.

get the feeling

see? shopping is for men, too
More and more brands are beginning to surround consumers with communication. Call it "ad creep", "innovative media" or out-of-the-box thinking, it all reffers to the same thing: getting your customer's attention in a different way than you used to.
Yamaha did a great job with this shopping cart, using one of the most lovely topoi ever:
the fact that boys will always remain boys (no matter their age).
We think a lot of guys had fun chasing these carts through the supermarket, pretending they're wild and free.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

happy breakfast

fancy an egg with a smile?
We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's why we have to make it pleasant and delightful. Buy an egg-catcher for yourself (if you're the stand-out type) or for everyone in the family (if you love to see the whole tribe smiling) and enjoy! You just started off a great day!
See more here.

rear view

lazy ass
Another example of smart innovative media - this time advertising a gym. We like it a lot! It's truly gross, but it makes you move your behind and get some action running through your veins!

the fine art of packaging

slurp, slurp - feelin' closer to nature?
Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa thought that juice packaging should evolve from a merely common one to a more...natural one. That's how he came up with the idea of packing the juice in the actual fruit used to make it.
Amazing -we might say - and truly inspirational.
Via adme.

for active people

is it a chair? is it a bike? is it...both?
For the ones that love their bikes so much they would never get down.
See more here.

beautifully childish

grow up!what for?
When I saw these beautiful illustrations by Mark Frauenfelder I was amazed. They express so much with yet so little! I love the colours, the's like living a fairy tale. Some people might say I'm childish and they might resent naive and minimalist design, but I really think this is the next big thing!

ad creep

aliens! aliens! help!
Here's another great alternative media idea, brought to you by the Sci-fi Channel: a spaceship abducting a poor human being. Hats off for this cool execution!

Monday, April 10, 2006

if you can see it, maybe you can believe it...

the NosePouch
It's not a hankerchief, as its creators say - it's an innovation. It's "the most practical way to blow your nose".
First, we ask ourselves - does anyone use handkerchiefs anymore? Be they innovative or not...
Well, we might not see it yet, we might not know it now, but maybe one day, this "be-proper-the-old-school-way" trend might blow us up! Be prepared! You never know when napkins will be out and new-era hankerchiefs will see the light again...
Until then, indulge your curiosity here .

Caperino & Peperone case

woof! woof! we love these designer cases :)
Here it is - the beautiful encounter between Paris-based boutique Colette and Japanese brand Comme des Garcons. It's bold, cool and extremely fun!
The two Colette dogs - Caperino & Peperone - are as fun as always and they're completely lovable!
Visit and find more tasty designer goodies!

Friday, April 07, 2006

fashion item

portable keyboard reloaded
No, this keyboard doesn't need to be plugged - and even more than that, it functions on the shoulder, not on the table.
If you're a bag collector or even a trendy person, you won't want to miss this handbag, really. It gives you that hip, "I know what's in and I'm super-cool" look.
The invention of a young Portuguese designer, Joao Sabino, the keyboard bag truly stands out. And keep in mind - the "recycling" trend is in - why wear leather when keys are so pretty and useful too?

say it loud!

boy room vs. girl room
OK, so you still think a chair is a 4-legged object that you sit on and that room design holds no secrets anymore. Hmmmmm...maybe you haven't heard about the newest/coolest thing in town: ALPHABET FURNITURE.
You can choose your favourite quote or word or even initial (depending on how much money you want to spend) and put it in your home! Either you want to make a statement or have a clear indication of where certain things in your house are, this furniture is really going to give "home" a new spin.
See it at

cool hunting, trend watching&co.

I had a talk the other day with my friends. Some of them don't really understand what "cool hunting" is all I decided to make it a bit clear-er :P
The way I see it, cool hunting/trend watching or whatever you'd like to call it is one of the best jobs in the world.
You just observe, encapsulate (in your mind or in a picture) and then tell the world about it! It's not about defining "coolness" or judging - it's just about being open-minded and crossing borders; it's about trying to offer, not to supress; it's about creating, not breaking.

the low-tech alternative

tempting even only by package...

A new trend is born! If you look around, you'll see that "hand-made" is slowly but surely taking over the "high-tech" era. Clothing, food, even transportation are all returning to a much-needed sense of naturalness.

Parents are also eager to find new ways of keeping their kids occupied - besides computer games and instant messaging. That's why British mom Tai Broadhurst created The Little Experience, a shop offering "unique activity kits" - from knitting to cooking and creating games or things around the house. It's fun, fun, fun! Don't take our word for it - ask the kids.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

in love with time

Yes, this is a truly everlasting clock. And do you know why? Because it resists every morning agression (yes, there ARE people that use to smash their clocks when they ring early in the day...). And even if this clock's great design won't stop your morning instincts, it will manage to get you out of bed - due to its spring that keeps bouncing back when hit.
See it here.

iAngel or iDevil?

for the mood of the day
Make your friends know your daily mood from your iPod's clothing! Dress it up (or down :P) depending on how you want to be perceived - like a cute little darling or a red hot develish one?
This Japanese protection pack is made out of silicone and can perform both a functional role and a stylish one. Click for more.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

to be or not to be...a kid?

playing cool

Who said that playing is only for kids? Adults can have their fun, too. Therefore, TomTrasherToys was created, in order to bring together designer toys and cool anime action figures. A world full of toys awaits
here - just take your pick.

hungry for art?

the new Maxim concept
No, this is not an art gallery, but actually a fast-food restaurant in Honk Kong (OMG, they've done it again!!!). The guys at steve leung designers ltd. and alan chan design company created a "contemporary retro experience" for this place, giving it a "homeliness" feel.
One that we really really dig.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

face it!

cushion design
The truth be told, you can never own too many funny things. And you can never have too many emoticons, in this day of kitam* communication. So here it is, the Ridibundus: a multi-purpose cushion that enables you to speak even when you're sleeping. Click to see more.
*keep it to a minimum

possess cuteness

Can any of you imagine adorable animals like cats, bears or rabbits being other than sweet and fluffy? Well, apparently Luke Chueh can - and he does a hell of a great job picturing them in their blue moods. And so, the artist is on the way of changing the popular perception - he "balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy". It's minimal, deep and heart-tearing.

Personally, I love him...oh, well, his paintings I mean:)

Monday, April 03, 2006

necessary addiction

mimobots: meet Jolibear and other crittures from planet blooh, galaxy 4210
I want one! Everybody wants one! Don't you?
... These USB devices are so colorful and trendy that it's hard to resist them - be it spring, summer, autumn, winter...well, you catch my drift :)
So: buy one or stay away from the cool side!