Thursday, October 19, 2006

today I'm standing up for...

...the akimbo pose

Well, the thing is that I've been super-not-busy today, so my heroic self feels the need to get me out of my lazy disposition. And as I'm always up for some the-good-fighting-the-bad time, here it is. Today's mythbuster - or whatever you wanna call it: the AKIMBO pose.
I was just reading a post on a blog, saying that a lady looked like a blabber/bag-rag/gossip woman as she stood with one of her hands on the hip (yes, this is the AKIMBO position - I just found out its name and I'm glad to share it with everyone:)). And this post really made me mad. I'm sick of people saying that of the ones that take on this position. In fact, for all you nonverbal-communication-illiterates out there (misinterpreting this pose), it's not about blabber or bad character. In fact, it speaks about dominance and the will to impose one's power over the interlocutor. Think for a minute: this hand-on-the-hip action means enlarging one's personal space, capturing more of the surrounding environment and therefore, making a point stronger. So please, stop saying those stupid things before you look them up in a common sense dictionary (is there one out yet? if not, we should really invent it!!!!).

And by the way, that green plastic Goofy in the picture can be found (along with other cute figurines) here. That is if you need a statement toy :)


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