Friday, August 04, 2006

now I'm here, now I'm not

leave me alone
It seems nowadays, instead of opening ourselves to others, we tend to get more and more isolated. It's the "me-and-myself" era, and new design products seem to be taking this case very seriously. Remember a few days ago we were talking about the antisocial chair - and now it's time for another invention, called Personal Space.
Anna Maria Cornelia came up with this idea that consists of an inflatable "igloo" that covers your upper-body, giving you the space you need. The only problem would be that you might look like a big puffy life form, with human legs. But if you don't mind that...
When you're ready to return to the real world, you just have to deflate it're back!
Still, the concept reveals today's tendency toward "keeping it private" - maybe it's the beggining of the end for media immersing everywhere and everyone knowing everything about everybody?


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