Monday, August 07, 2006

right hand, WRONG hand?

hey! what's this?
We all know that babies tend to cry a lot (yes, especially at night) and ask for attention (yes, especially at night again!!!). That can drive mommies a bit crazy, because they need their rest, too. But does that mean they would do ANYTHING to make the infant calm down and stop the midnight symphony?
Well, it looks like that. That's probably how the Zaky Infant Pillow was...well...born. The description of this ergonomic pillow sounds like this: "It's like leaving a part of you with your baby"! And the truth is that the hand-looking cushion provides your little one with a comforting pat on the back all night long. It's guaranteed to offer (you and) your baby a better sleep.
via swissmiss.


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