Monday, August 14, 2006

yeah! that's so stylish!

it's paper. toilet paper.
Well, you know the feeling - just when you think you're immune to all new trendy stuff and swear nothing else will ever startle you...there it is! The only thing YNTWA* - standing in front of you and making you feel like a fool. "Is this for real?"; "I wish I thought of that!"; "Oh, crap!" - reactions may vary.
But the only thing that we know for sure is that it EXISTS and it is already a big trend (in classy clubs from Milan, Madrid, Paris and New York).
Oh...I forgot to mention what IT is: the black toilet paper - made for stars.
Until now, everyone's used to seeing the "late" white rolls or the "so-long" baby blue/baby-pink ones. Anyway, pure, bright and pastel - that was the old colour scheme.
But you heard it here first: they're O-V-E-R!
Black is the new...errr...white.
*you never thought would appear


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