Monday, August 14, 2006

theft-proof sandals

safe shoes
The shoes of the future - did you expect them to be beautiful? Or comfortable? does "interactive" sound to you? Because that's what they're going to be like, so get used to the idea and try to see the good part.
For example, these unique ArchPort sandals are made with a precise goal: to protect you from getting mugged on the beach.
This is the place where you go to have fun - but where do you keep your money?
Matt Potts, the president of Arch Shoes, has the answer: in your sandals. He and his staff thought the old way of marketing footwear is...well, old. He moved attention from Fashion, Performance, Stability and Comfort - the classic 4 dimensions of shoes, and added the fifth - INTERACTIVITY. So he designed a sandal that is not extremely good-looking - so it won't attract people - but has a secret compartment in the sole - that gives you room for money, credid cards, ID and much more.
Truly the next generation of shoes.


Anonymous Arch Shoes said...

OMG! Really awesome thing :)

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