Monday, September 24, 2007

are you on pills...

...or something?

These days, we all know it's cool to go to rehab as often as possible, to be seen taking pills and stuff and feel like you just don't care. And because we want to help you live the trend and take the best out of it, here's something you might just like. If you go to Barcelona, be sure not to miss Happy Pills...a candy store! Yeah, you heard right. It's a super-funky candy store created by studio m. 'Cause you know, candies can make everything better! They're like...the new pink! Have a headache? Take a sweet jelly. Need some love? Suck on this candy and see the effect in 5 minutes. Sweet!

And for those who need sugar in their life all the time, there's a special package with doses for morning, afternoon, evening and late night. Or the survival kit, containing everything you might need in order to have a great time, no matter when, no matter where.

So, no questions asked. Just sweets. Lots of them. As many as you can take. So how's that for a change?


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