Friday, September 21, 2007

this is for...

...the boys

I think every guy (and even some girls) thought about being a superhero at least at one point in his life! Think a 20-something yuppie from Bucharest. He had big dreams of being Superman (more or less with tights and a red cape, but still...) - or at least Batman? Well, he used to think he would save the world, but now he realizes he's just an ordinary boy - a job, a girlfriend, a car...but that's no fighting the Joker or giving someone a ride in the Batmobile!

Hmmmmm...can we help? Sure! We found this great superhero costume hanger at Comunistar Designers. Doesn't it look great? Just imagine: you get home at night, after a hard day's work, you open the closet to put your office clothes on a rack and...there you are! You get to feel like your fave comic book hero. It's your little secret, Clark!


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