Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've got kind of a...

...stripey obsession
Looking through my closet yesterday, I noticed a slight problem. Stripes. They might not be a problem themselves, but hey, having one too many sure is!
So...I have striped Tees, scarfs, gloves, bags, dresses and shoes. And, obviously, striped bangles, earrings and some belts. I have horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, nautical stripes, small ones, thin ones, large ones, colorful ones, playful ones, strict ones and crazy ones. That's about it...I guess.
So I thought I need something to get me out of this stripey situation. Do you think this cute blouse from LalaLiu Designs will do it? I'm leaving for some fun office time tomorrow - 3 days of team building :) I'll be packing some stripes, that's for sure! After all, we're going to the seaside, right? :)


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