Thursday, September 20, 2007

I love my pets... much that I started WEARING them!!!!!!!

OK, by now, everybody's said something (bad) about Gareth Pugh's Spring 2008 collection - and especially that...hummmm...fake white mice collar. We totally understand weird-cool and toying with clothes, but we've also been through the "Puke!" [sorry, "Pugh!"] moment when seeing this collar. I guess it's the mice eyes that struck you out of all that white and generate a moment of repulsion.
But then again, you think - haven't I seen this before? Like in...the Fall of 1988? Yes, Jean Charles de Castelbajac did a wonderful job by sewing together 50 plush teddy bears on a cool coat that I remember talkin about some time ago. See the picture above. It's clear how our representations shape our fashion taste. When you see the teddy bear coat, you feel like "awwww...cute!" - and when you see the rat collar, you think "omg, this looks horrible!".
Why? Just because you got used to teddy bears by sleeping with them at night and you were taught to be afraid of mice or you dissected them during highschool biology classes? OK, this is not intended to be a manifesto. We're not saying you should like the rat thingie or wear it or anything else. Just think about it for a sec.
And then again, let's talk about it in fashion terms. It's fashion, right? And it's a fashion SHOW. It's supposed to stir up the interest and generate talks. It's not necessarily wearable. It's probably art. Some kind of weird art. Does it make it more acceptable if we call it this way? :)

I'm a rat, I know :)

pics courtesy of vogue.


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