Monday, April 02, 2007

cleaned the house? fed the dog?

Because we're all living a super-agitated life and we never have time for anything - much less for the dreaded house chores (bleeaaaaaah!!!!!!!) - there's an online solution for everything. Need to give flowers to someone? Dress yourself? Eat? The www is always ready to help - whether you're too busy or too lazy.
So you're sharing a place with some friends (who always balk washing the dishes and taking out the trash)? Or your family just "forgets" to help around the house?
Now you can take advantage of the coolest tool in the city, the Chore Buster! It's a free, easy tool for planning cleaning schedules, organizing people and giving everybody a fair share of the work.
Here's how you do it:
1. Enter in people and chores
2. Specify how hard / undesirable each chore is
3. ChoreBuster generates a fair schedule of chores
4. Schedule emailed to you weekly - no need to log in


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