Tuesday, April 24, 2007

button up...

...and charm away
Sorry for the lack of posts latelt, but I've been pretty sick and had no time to blog (all my free moments were spent whining about the earache I had - a real pain in the ***, I tell you!). But that's all over now, and here I am, back and better, ready to find pretty stuff again and share it with you.
Today it's time for two super-cute shell button necklaces from A.K.A. Design (one in pinky shades and a multicoloured other). The buttons are attached to a sterling silver chain and work perfectly with a casual attire.
Well, this reminded me of a good friend of mine that bought a necklace made out of buttons some time ago and we all laughed at her. We thought it was funny and some even said they wouldn't go out of the house wearing that. What's with the attitude, people?
To be true, I don't advise anyone to wear these statement accessories. Unless they're cool.


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