Friday, April 13, 2007

attention! This table...

...will self-destruct
If you're looking for the coolest table around, you've found it! It might look pretty simple to you, but the concept behind it is truly special.
This table will self-destruct is the name of a Studio 1 a.m. project that combines the uniqueness of an one-off project with the efficiency of mass production. Made out of white portland cement, white marble and silica sand blend, this table is based on the idea of constantly removing one pixel when creating a new product. Therefore, each time a new table is produced, the shape changes and the self-destruction process goes one step further, making each product unique and eye-catching. Given this concept, it's obvious the tables come in a limited edition, for as long as the shape is desirable. The number of pixels removed is 3 at this moment. Buy it here at $ 1200.


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