Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April fools…

…all month long
On the first, I was too busy celebrating my b-day and telling everyone “Yes, it’s true, it’s my birthday!”, so I didn’t get too much time to fool anybody. Not even one single soul! I’m pretty ashamed to say, but even my grandfather laughed at me when he heard this...
So I thought I’d make up for the lost time – and I’m pretty sure there are others in the same situation. Or if not, remember, you could (and probably should) have fun all month long :)
Here’s something that might help you play a prank on your friends. Get them over for some tea or something, line them up and take a pic! They might be surprised at their new looks and the expression “hey, dog!” might just get a new meaning. Mug with dog, rabbit or pig face at
thorsten van elten.


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