Wednesday, April 25, 2007

(2) don't know, don't care... not an option, not even for kids!
And speaking of a greener attitude, here's something really cute that I found today on curious pig. It's a 2004 children's book - Mottainai Grandma - written by Mariko Shinju.
Mottainai is the thoughtful Japanese word that describes a feeling of love and compassion towards the gifts from nature or someone who made the product. The closest English word to Mottainai is “What a waste!” / “Do not waste!” (in a situation where a thing is being wasted or being used without good care and consideration).
Here's an excerpt:
Mottainai Grandma is coming!Leftover food on the plate.
Last grains of rice stuck to the bowl.She will come and say, “Mottainai!”“So much food left - mottainai! May I eat?”
Munch munch gulp gulp llick lick“Oh, you have more rice grains sticking to your face. Mottainai!”And she licked my face all over……“Let me lick more!” lick lick lick
Splash splash Leaving the water running. She will come and say, “Mottainai!”“One cup of water is enough! Don’t Waste it - mottainai !”
When I throw away mandarin peels, she will come and say “Mottainai!”“Dry them in the sunshine. Put them in the bathtub.Mandarin peels will make you feel so good!”“A warm and sunny mandarin bath!"
Mottainai Are you sure you are not doing anything mottainai?
Well now, it's really funny and all, but it also shows us that kid should learn these things from an early age. Because once you get used to wasting, it's hard to change!


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