Wednesday, April 25, 2007

(1) don't know, don't care...

...days are SO PASSÉ!
Being careless about other problems than your own and only thinking about YOUR well-being is now over! Egotistic behaviours are rapidly dissappearing...but what comes next? Well, the altruist way of living - caring for others, protecting the environment, thinking about sustainability in every action.
Looking up to Hollywood stars that march for "green" causes, adopt children from poor countries and always support social campaigns, big companies jumped in on the trend and really made big steps.
Not long ago, we were showing you a brand of organic jeans. Now, this trend has gotten bigger than ever!
H&M and Marks&Spencer are just two examples in favor of this argument. Both companies have taken a green approach - H&M launched an organic clothing line and Marks&Spencer promised to continue their environmentally aware practices in order to achieve extraordinary results by 2012. And now, The Body Shop launched the Bag For Life, using $2.00 from each bag to support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I already got this bag and I'll be using it in supermarkets instead of their plastic bags. No, thank you, no more plastic for me!
What about you?


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