Friday, April 27, 2007

for all the sleepy heads... this world
Yes, it's true! You can now wake up in the morning AND feel good!
Are you one of those types that go to sleep late, but have to wake up in time for work and hate the feeling of grogginess and low-energy? Take my boyfriend, for example. This morning, I called him at about 9.30 and woke him up - and guess what? He had a meeting at 9!
(OK, OK, I'm like that, too, but it's not OK to admit that, is it? :) )
So whether you like to accomodate this thought up front or not, we're still showing you this great invention: the I'm-not-a-morning-person's best friend.
NO, it's not coffee - or at least, not quite.
The cute guys from ThinkGeek had a great idea: why not make a caffeinated soap that will progressively let out caffeine and let it get absorbed by your skin? This way, you'll start a great day and you'll get your caffeine boost from the shower.
The Shower Shock soap is a vegetable-based glycerine soap, does not contain any harsh ingredients and works! So, if you just woke up and feeling dizzy, go here immediately!


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