Friday, December 21, 2007

whatcha gonna wear...

...on New Year's Eve?

It seems the focus has moved from colors and lenghts to fabrics. And not any kind of fabrics, but organic ones.
So don't worry: you can probably dismiss all thoughts in the -"should it be a long dress or a mini one?" - "should I wear black or pink?" - "should I go for the Greek-godess style or should I choose minimal?" category and simply And by thinking green, we don't mean this is THE color of the party season. It's more than that: it'a a philosophy, it's a way of life. It's about saving water, recycling your trash and investing in the quality of life, rather than in the green envious looks you might get from others when wearing the "fancy" dress.
And it seems like designers agree. Some of them might be saying "forget the superficial stuff and get real" in a way that's both trendy and caring. Take Benhaz Sarafpour for example. Her latest capsule collection, shown at the NY Fashion Week, was made entirely by hand, using only natural and organic materials. She said in an interview for Inhabitat that the decision to make this collection was not just for the sake of getting media attention and looking "environmentally friendly", but because she really believes in doing good.
In the end, the motive doesn't even count that much, does it? But we're totally loving designers who care. So...if you didn't buy a party dress yet, think about alternatives.
And have yourself a Merry little Christmas and a great New Year!


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