Monday, December 17, 2007



If you're out shopping for a Christmas tree these days - and you don't know exactly how to adorn it, here's a bit of an idea: try using some artwork instead of the traditional -- and sometimes kitschy -- ornaments.
I remember my mom used to always decorate the tree in an artistic manner - which I didn't really get at first (as a kid, you're inclined to pile up on differently colored bulbs, messy garlands and so on). While the concept of minimalist decorating - usually two colors only and hand-made bows and so on - seemed impossible to me at first, now I seem to get it more and more.
And I just feel like there's a lot of bad taste when decorating for the holidays - you know, glitz doesn't always mean beautiful. (In fact, it doesn't most of the time :P)
So...the point is: better invest in something cool, with lots of personality, than to buy ornaments like crazy and just "throw" them on the tree. Here's an idea: the Snowbear Ornaments by axelhoney. They're for sale here and here and they're a guaranteed showstopper.


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