Monday, December 03, 2007

being... account person

It's great to work with people that make it seem easy - and fun. But that's a truism, so I won't bother you with that. Another truism is that in your regular advertising agency, creative people and account people are a bit like the cat and the mouse - the Tom and Jerry type of "cat and mouse", if you will.
They run around, hit each other with the frying pan in the head, step on the other's tail (ouch!) and do anything they can to show the whole world they're on different fronts. But I didn't really swallow this preconception when I started working, so I guess I thought account people are OK :)
In fact, I dunno if tags like "accounts" or "creatives" should even exist. Maybe they shouldn't be like "cats" and "mice", but "bears" and "rabbits" (you know, the latter always go together:)).
So I'm all about judging people by what they really are/do, instead of using boring prejudices.
Above, Ace and Ion, by Tara McPherson. For all the accounts around :)
Because rabbits and bears are a team :)


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