Thursday, December 20, 2007

do you hear...

...the jingle bells?

Well, kids, you probably got all the presents on your list by now. But don't forget: every gift should look as cute as ever, so the packaging is truly important. That's why we thought we'd come up with some ideas to help you, or maybe just to get you started on thinking about the best looking presents in the world!

Don't just settle for a plain gift bag - they're so pasee! :) No, really, you gotta be more imaginative than that!

Think of a cool way to decorate the gifts - it can be anything from a cone or a pretty flower to a hand drawing or a textile patchwork or a paper collage or a cute special ribbon.
Take a look at the packaging from Le Train Fantome (above). That's how you do it!
Pic taken from The Black Apple.


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