Tuesday, December 11, 2007

green and red...

...nothing but green and red

This wonderful toxic red spider on a neon green web is very very cool. And if you want to look tough'n'cute, it's the best choice you can make!

And yep, this is yet another "green and red" post. But that's not planned!!!! No, really, it isn't! You gotta believe me! I mean, you know: planning and me...we're like...so not in the same place :)

Anyhow, it must be the Christmas spirit that's subconsciously taken over me - although I'm sooooooooooo busy right now I'm not feeling it at all. So I decided (yes, in a courageous attempt of bringing planning and me together :P) to post as many green and red things on this blog until X-mas. Let's see what I can do :)

P.S.: I'll probably get bored a few posts later, but who knows? :) Ambition, my friend! Ambition is what I neeeeeeeeed!!!! :)


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