Thursday, November 29, 2007

don't even...

...get me started :)

Yeah, it's one of those days again :) Well, I won't be a bore and tell you how many things/people got on my nerves today, how working in advertising can be fun (if only they'll let you WORK) and how friendly I can (NOT) be to ****stupid***** clients who don't care about the right way to do things, but only think of PTA (protecting their ass, that is). Oh, well, I just did :)
But lucky me! Whilst surfing the net, I found these very cool aromatherapy candles for one's every ailment.
What's your favorite? I looooove Version 2.0, Co-dependent and Placebo. But I probably need to use Chill-out's ylang ylang and lavender essences to better-ify my mood. Cool, baby.


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