Wednesday, November 28, 2007

your favorite present...

...could be right here
So do you fancy an emerald necklace? Or maybe a renaissance style sapphire and diamond fringe necklace? Or maybe you've got your eyes on that stunning diamond piece...
Well, be careful what you wish for...'cause you might actually get it!
Irina Blok has everything you want - all wrapped up in the gorgeous Wishlist Necklace. It's such a great and simple idea! That's if you're not a snob and you have a sense of humor, of course. Otherwise, why would you even be around here in the first place? :)


Anonymous alexandrog said...

how funny :) I would like a diamond necklace for my girlfriend to show how much I love her :P

12:26 AM  
Blogger bulina said...

:) Well, she's a lucky gal :)
I mean, a "real" diamond is nothing next to true love, right? :P

3:08 PM  

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