Friday, November 30, 2007

it's getting cold... let's bundle up!
I dunno what's up with my obsession for all things writeable these days, but I think I might as well accept it. I'm totally crazy about all kinds of cute journals, notebooks and so on. It's probably because I've been drawing and writing so much lately, I almost need a new notebook each month.
But I guess it's OK, as long as it's such a pretty and not-at-all-harmful addiction :P
So today I stumbled upon these cozy Bundle Up Journals from Anthropologie: 4 models, all wrapped up in beautiful fairisle cotton covers. If you dress warm for winter, shouldn't you take care of your belongings, too? :)
And as long as it's not snowing just yet, I think these journals can instantly transport you to a winter wonderland. Can you hear the jingle bells?


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