Monday, May 21, 2007

the fellowship...

...of the ring
It's a world full of rings! There are engagement rings and wedding rings...but no rings for the singles. And why not, the guys at Singelringen ask. If anyone needs to show their civil status, then that's a single! Right?
Well, we trust them and we think everyone should wear their singleness in pride :)
Made of sterling silver, wrapped in light-catching turquoise acrylic, the Singelring is engraved with a unique code on its interior. This code functions as a registration number and allows members to join the global Singelringen community, create a personal profile and...who knows, maybe meet the loves of their lives and forget all about the ring!
But well...this is a modern and stylish piece of jewelry, so you might not want to get attached too quickly and lose all your coolness! But what if love is greater than your fashion needs? The creators of the Singelring say you needn't despair: you can always wear your ring on a necklace or on your bag, as a charm.
It used to be a tough dating world out there, but not anymore!


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