Thursday, May 24, 2007

what's's menu? as much as you want to...

...see black, but eat great...

...and don't forget to practice some ninja moves
Forbes magazine made up a list of the most unusual restaurants in the world. Whether they're famous because of their concepts or their special courses, they are hot, hot, hot! We've chosen just a few of them, but you can read the whole article in here.

First of all, let's talk about a restaurant with the slogan "eat as you like and pay as you feel". This is
Annalakshmi (named after the Hindu Goddess of Food), an Indian concept with humanitarian echoes. The vegetarian meals served here are not prepared by hired chefs, but by mothers, grandparents, sisters and brothers. And because you cannot put a price on the food made by a family member, the restaurant leaves it to its guests to decide how much money they want to pay for something that is both a good meal and a cultural experience.

The second restaurant on our list doesn't really have to pay much on decorations and stuff.
Dans le Noir?, just as its name says, offers guests a completely delicious culinary the dark! Visitors come to this restaurant 20 minutes before sitting down, order theor courses at the lit bar and then...enter the dark room, where nothing disturbs them from living complex sensory moments. They're even asked to use the toilests before eating, so they will truly enjoy eating in the dark! The interesting thing is that the staff are also blind and there's a guide who helps customers familiarize with the new environment. Starting from he idea that by "blinding" some senses, the others become stronger - so the feelings are emphasized - this restaurant is pretty cool!

And speaking of frightening experiences that get your adrenaline going, the
NINJA restaurant in New York offers a great mix of permormances and savour. Created to look like a ninja castle from feudal days, the interior of this place look mysterious and exciting. And what about being served by a ninja? It's an experience everyone should live at least once in their lives.
Plus! See this video on YouTube if you want to see what's in for you.


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