Wednesday, November 29, 2006

exquisite DYI

love to cutomize?

If personalized items are just your cup of tea and you love to let your self shine through every little thing you do or own, we've got good news!
Here's a nice service offered by Thorntons, the luxurious chocolate producers. Have a problem with dark chocolates? Or almond? Or vanilla? (Yes, I know it seems impossible not to like these sweet aromas, but some people just can't stand some fillings or coverings). Then you need to make your own box of chocolates, only with the stuff you love! Just enter the site and you can choose from a large variety of delicious-looking pieces. And even more, you can choose the box you like and a personalized message - Christmas is coming up and maybe you can surprise someone (or just keep the tip in mind for Valentine's).


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