Saturday, November 25, 2006


peel your way into reading

First, I'll take just a second to ask you if you still enjoy the "i" thing. I mean (pun intended or not) - come on: iPod, iMac, iLife...and now iLove??????!!!!!??????
OK, I understand Apple used this lowercase wovel as a prefix for its products and it was a hit - but people, immitating IS NOT ANYMORE the sincerest form of flattery :)
The "i" thing is really good for addressing consumers on a more personal level - but it was like...taken. Aren't you bored with this transcending ther trend stage already and beginning to look over-used?
And now the good thing :) Australia's got a new concept kicking in the stores: the magazine-on-a-bottle. As you can see above, you take a bottle of water and...there it is: a 32-page glossy magazine with news on fashion, beauty, nightlife, relationships and so on.
It's a great idea - targeting the women on the go. And let's admit it, girls, apart from the naming part (see above), it's a fab idea: who doesn't need water and a bit of gossip?

via couture in the city.


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