Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the mad scientist...

...is alive and kicking

Ever heard your body is the most valuable thing you own and you should take good care of it? Well, forget the second part - but part 1 might just become true! Here's a book we found today...we were sooooo sad we weren't so mad to write it in the first place!!!! But, uh...there's always tomorrow...and who knows what we'll be cooking next?
Still, let's focus on the reading at hand. If the cover illustration looks like comics to you, think again! This is a serious book - talking about how to sell bone marrow, blood plasma, hair, breast milk and other byproducts.

We don't reccomend you get into this business (now seriously!!!!), but it might be a fun reading - please, please tell us if you've ever put your hands on this book.

via planning.ro


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