Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy birthday to you!

one ladybug to go
This super-cool birthday cake tastes as good as it looks, if you're wondering. We had the opportunity to eat it a few months ago (in February, to be more precise) at deea_holideea's birthday party.
Why did I post it now, you ask? Well, because I got the pictures today (no, they weren't lost in the Amazonian rainforest and brought back by a really friendly bunch of toucans...) and thought they are cute memories to share with friends.
A big kiss to all of you that have been there :)


Anonymous deea_holideea said...

A CUTE-LADY-BIRD-HUG, from Deea_holideea, friend of the rain forest tocans :))).

You are a really dear Bulina to me.
Long live the dotts!!

3:23 PM  

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