Friday, September 29, 2006

start your day...

...with a cup of fortune
What's better in the morning than a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee? A hot cup of fresh roasted coffee AND a prediction!
The imaginative guys at Atypyk thought it would be really nice to create a set of cups that only look ordinary (simple classic white ceramic), but in fact hide a fortune inside.
And we think it's a great way to impress your guests, too! Just pour them some coffee and let them discover their own fortune inside it when they finish drinking!
There are 20 messages you can choose from:
- Take it easy
- Your lucky day
- Birth
- Pay raise
- Trust yourself
- Start a new life
- Too good to be true
- Crucial decision
- Enjoy free time
- Nervous breakdown
- Radical changes
- Important meeting
- Better times ahead
- Great success
- Winning streak
- Patience will pay
- Give it a chance
- Peaceful period
- In love
- Dreams come true
Better yet, buy them all and let yourself be surprised every day!


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