Friday, April 07, 2006

fashion item

portable keyboard reloaded
No, this keyboard doesn't need to be plugged - and even more than that, it functions on the shoulder, not on the table.
If you're a bag collector or even a trendy person, you won't want to miss this handbag, really. It gives you that hip, "I know what's in and I'm super-cool" look.
The invention of a young Portuguese designer, Joao Sabino, the keyboard bag truly stands out. And keep in mind - the "recycling" trend is in - why wear leather when keys are so pretty and useful too?


Blogger Rosemarie Galvez said...

You have a point. Even before I knew that it's made of keyboard, the bag looks nice.

How could I buy one?

12:55 PM  
Blogger bulina said...

Yes, it really does look nice. I think you can buy it by writing to its creator at I guess you'll be the chicest chick in town now :) Happy shopping!

9:57 PM  

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